Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 88 & 89 (The Weekend)

I've been neglecting this space ever since I discovered Dayre *Oops* :P 
Snippets taken over the weekend! 
Won't be adding any captions because they can be found on!
I like updating in real time better but I guess pictures will look better here hahaha :D
Still don't like that Dayre forces me to crop my photos in squares > :( 

What I wore over the weekend! 
All items are upcoming on & preview can be found on our FB page HERE (:

Lunch at Da Paolo
Movie date (Captain America) at the Gemini Two To View Theatre <3

Day trip to JB!
Lunch at this pretty awesome wonton mee place that we stumbled upon (Ho Meng Kee Wonton Mee)
Shopping at City Square
Foot & back massage at Big Foot Ancestor
Dinner at the famous Ah Kaw Restoran - 33 Jalan Perang (San Lou Bee Hoon is a MUST TRY!) 

Weekends with J is always good xx



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vanity Trove - Mobile App

I'm sure most of you here must have heard of the brand, Vanity Trove and their personalized sampling box!
A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch party of their new social media platform!
It is developed to help women share their beauty regime and fashion styles to family & friends (: 
Sounds great doesn't aye? 

The event was packed with girls and there were many booth counters that each represent a beauty brand!
Skin Inc, Benefit and Loreal just to mention a few (: 

My partner in crime that night - Marie <3 

Some of the snapshots taken that evening.. 

Now lets take a look at Vanity Trove's new social media platform!

It is fairly easy to navigate and as with all my social media accounts, you can find and of course please follow me at @Sheilamansy! :D 

It is generally like Instagram where you can share as many photos as you like
except that on the Vanity Trove platform, you get to also share your vanity regime
From the fragrances to skin care products you use!

There you go! Some of the products I use in my vanity regime :P 
These are not all the products I use but I'll slowly get down to adding everything in! 

You also get to read and write reviews about the products.
I personally feel that it is a great forum for people to share about their experiences with the products!
If you intend to buy a new product but unsure if its good, this is the best place to go to! :D

Screenshots taken from the VT platform > 

Now go to CLICK HERE now or download the app (Simply search Vanity Trove on App Store) on your mobile to find my latest beauty tips & fashion loves (: 

& once your account is up and running, feel free to participate in the Get,Snap,Blingo weekend hashtag project (#GSBHappy) with the happiest photo of the weekend! :D 

See you on the other side! <3 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation is back bigger and better! :D 

I'm actually quite shy to say but you might have seen my face plastered on one of the walls at Cineleisure 
I'm actually selected as the face of February!
Join me and start sharing your selfies on Instgram through the hashtag #cathaylifestyle_sotm <3 

Okay back to CNSO - 
It is a social media competition organized by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard in search for social media savvy youths who can promote and represent the various food, fashion & leisure facet of the mall! 

The competition is open to anyone living in Singapore between the ages 14 - 26 years old.

To participate, you'll need 
1) A short video (Not longer than 2 minutes) introducing yourself and why you would like to be part of #CNSO3 
2) A blog post (Not more than 500 words) on your recommended food, fashion or leisure option at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 

After you've gotten these ready, proceed to register HERE (: 
(Registration closes 7th March)

Short-listed candidates will be informed by 14th March.

The Winner will be awarded $1,000 cash, an OLYMPUS PEN Camera (I'm a new owner of the Olympus PEN camera myself and I LOVE IT!!), a larger-than-life-size poster advertisement and a year-long supply of Cathay Cineplexes movie vouchers!

There’re also three other titles to grab including the Overnight Sensation, 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up all with awesome prizes to bag as well!

This year, I'll be participating as the Fashion + Entrepreneurship Guru 
and will be on site during one of the challenges to mentor so do join me!! :D 

As some of your might already know, I founded Hollyhoque (WWW.HOLLYHOQUE.COM) when I was 18, way back when I was still schooling at Temasek Polytehnic. It was a tough juggle between these two then but thats not the point.I started small with buying ready goods from wholesalers and operated on livejournal which was cost free. Close to a year later, the orders grew, my customers like what I bring in and that was when I decided to take the plunge and start manufacturing Hollyhoque's very own designs. Don't be afraid to try, and always always keep your options open! I've never studied design so I read a lot of fashion magazines and spend hours on the internet, now Instagram, keeping myself updated with the fashion trends. Of course not all the designs I made are well received (Sometimes I even get negative/awful criticisms about our clothes) but it is still part of the learning process - finding out what my consumers like. After years of trial and errors, I figured that basics & knit-wear work best for Hollyhoque. No one has the power to shatter your dream unless you give it to them (: 

These are some of the #OOTD I  ripped off my Instagram @Sheilamansy >> 
I wouldn't say I have the best outfits or nicest photos but each getup reflects my mood at that moment and I really put in effort to edit them! Some of my favourite photo editing apps are VSCO, Afterlight, Diptic, Picsart, Over and ABM (: 

If you haven't heard about using the colour wheel to pair your outfit's colours, you need to read this! 

(Got this image from google)

Using the wheel as a guide, you can team up the colours as such
1) Colours next to each other 
2) Colours directly opposite each other
3) Brightening a monochrome outfit with primary colours (Red, Blue, Yellow) 
4) Colours that forms right angles with each other
(If you're playing with more colours in an outfit) 
5) Colours that form a T (E.g. Violet + Yellow + Red Orange) 
6) Colours that form a X (E.g. Blue + Orange + Yellow + Violet)  

Interesting aye? (:

Now come join me and start drafting your videos/blogpost then submit it HERE before 7th March!
You might just be the lucky winner! <3

Here is a picture of last year's winner to motivate you!!

Besides the awesome prizes you might walk away with,
this will also a good opportunity for bloggers to gain exposure!

Looking back.. I've been with Nuffnang for almost 3 years now and I'm always thankful to you, you and you reading this! Thanks for being interested in my travel updates and new food places! It makes all the research for travel spots & new food hunts worthwhile (: I'll be back soon to continue my travelogues. Stay tuned <3 
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