Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vanity Trove - Mobile App

I'm sure most of you here must have heard of the brand, Vanity Trove and their personalized sampling box!
A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch party of their new social media platform!
It is developed to help women share their beauty regime and fashion styles to family & friends (: 
Sounds great doesn't aye? 

The event was packed with girls and there were many booth counters that each represent a beauty brand!
Skin Inc, Benefit and Loreal just to mention a few (: 

My partner in crime that night - Marie <3 

Some of the snapshots taken that evening.. 

Now lets take a look at Vanity Trove's new social media platform!

It is fairly easy to navigate and as with all my social media accounts, you can find and of course please follow me at @Sheilamansy! :D 

It is generally like Instagram where you can share as many photos as you like
except that on the Vanity Trove platform, you get to also share your vanity regime
From the fragrances to skin care products you use!

There you go! Some of the products I use in my vanity regime :P 
These are not all the products I use but I'll slowly get down to adding everything in! 

You also get to read and write reviews about the products.
I personally feel that it is a great forum for people to share about their experiences with the products!
If you intend to buy a new product but unsure if its good, this is the best place to go to! :D

Screenshots taken from the VT platform > 

Now go to CLICK HERE now or download the app (Simply search Vanity Trove on App Store) on your mobile to find my latest beauty tips & fashion loves (: 

& once your account is up and running, feel free to participate in the Get,Snap,Blingo weekend hashtag project (#GSBHappy) with the happiest photo of the weekend! :D 

See you on the other side! <3 
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