Friday, April 4, 2014

Garnier Sakura White

Received a bag of goodies from Garnier some time back 
& I'm so excited to share with you what's in it! 

The most important factor I look for in a skin care product is hydration.
2nd most important? Rosy and glowing skin!
Looks like Garnier heard me with their Sakura White series! :D 

Imagine my delight when I received Garnier's best selling Sakura White range a couple of weeks ago! ^^
The guide to rosy glowing skin. 

Out of all 5 products, my favourite is the Sakura White Super Hydration Booster, $22.90
the latest addition to the Sakura White range. 
The Hydration Booster contains 2 key ingredients:
 1) Sakura extracts (As with all the other products in the same range) 
2) Super Hydrating Gel 

The unique formula consists of 5000 Sakura pearls that contains super concentrated Sakura extracts. 
Can you spot the sakura pearls through the bottle? :P 

The Sakura beads bursts upon application to blend with the hydrating gel

Leaving you soft and supple skin with a rosy glow. 
Here is a before and after shot. Hand on the right side is brighter & has a pinkish glow.

The Super Hydration Booster can be added in both your day & night skin care regime. 
To be used after cleansing and/or lotion prior to moisturizer. 

In my morning routine, I use the Hydration Booster & Moisturizing Day Cream (SPF21++) before applying foundation and this combination keeps my skin incredibly moisturized the entire day! 

I applied foundation to both hands but the one on the right is significantly pinker and brighter!
Can you tell? :D 

I'm never leaving the Hydration Booster out of my skin care regime ever!
You should try it too because there is 20% off all the products under the Sakura White range now through April! Available at Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets!

Thank you Garnier! x 

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