Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blackmores: Go Green

If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we've experienced,
 we need to take action now. 

Going green isn't intimidating at all. 
Simple things in your everyday like using both sides of the paper can make a huge difference. 

Here's 10 eco tips to help you go green :D 
It may take a few reminders for it to take root but lets all work towards a cleaner, brighter future! 
1) Go paperless > E tickets for movies, plane tickets, credit card statements etc!
2) Shut down your computer after usage.
 It may go to sleep/hibernate mode but it is still using up energy! 
3) Use compact florescent, LED or halogen bulbs instead of conventional incandescents 
4) Take shorter showers  
5) Use reusable water bottles. Plastic bottles take thousands of years to be decomposed D: 
Rethink when you buy bottled water!
6)  Donate it away! Before you throw something away, think about it! Someone else might need it!
7) Use one less paper napkin
8) Only launder when you have a full load
9) Recycle aluminium and glass 
Fun fact: Twenty recycled aluminium cans can be made with the energy to manufacture one brand new one 
10) Support green businesses like Blackmores

Blackmores is not just a leading healthcare brand, 
they are a company that cares for the environment and the community. 
Therefore in everything they do, they seek ways to respect nature and give back to the community. 

Join them in going green simply by going to Blackmores Facebook Page  
and choose a simple green pledge! 
(PS: You might just be the lucky one to win $1500 CASH and $3000 worth of Blackmores products!) 

I made my pledge too! :D 
They are now at 4435 pledges, help them acheive 5000 & they will unlock Eco treats!
Their Eco Krill Vanilla 1000mg will go on 50% off for a week!!
& at 10000 pledges they will plant more trees for a greener Singapore <3

What are you waiting for??
Hop on over to Blackmores Facebook Page  NOW (:

You can make your pledge every day to increase your chances of winning 
and you can make a few pledges at any one time. 
Watch how the Singapore city skyline turn cleaner with every pledge made!

If you follow me on Dayre, you might know that I've started taking health supplements this year and compared to 2013, I noticed that my immune system is stronger and I don't fall sick as often!
Fish oil and Vitamin C is a must for me because I have pretty dry skin and fish oil keeps my skin supple and helps with joint, brain and heart health while Vit Cs protect me against immune system deficiencies (:

And did you know that Blackmores supports Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as part of its commitment to achieving the highest possible standard of sustainability sourcing for its fish and krill oils?

I've been a paying customer of Blackmores since the start of 2014 so I was more than happy to receive these Go Green packs :D

Each Go Green pack is at an exclusive promotion of 70% OFF second item.
 Plus, it comes with a $5 gift voucher and a Blackmores recycle bag!

Selected Go Green Packs, Glucosamine 1500, Buffered C, Evening Primrose Oil and Omega Daily are available at Watsons, Guardian and Unity. 

Noticed that Blackmores's packaging are made of recycled products? 

Support green businesses for a brighter and cleaner future!

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