Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sundaze - Gyu Kaku

Sundays are meant for pigging out with the fatty beside me :P 


Spicy Beef Ribs Soup, my favourite  


 I'm a huge fan of Japanese BBQ and ever since Nagomiya closed down, I've been visiting Gyu Kaku - They have several outlets here in Singapore. Although pricey (We usually spend about $80-90 per person), they are pretty consistent with their quality and that made us return customers. If you have other recommendations, please lemme know!! :P

Outfit of The Day >
Epic Weekend Cropped Tank (Only $7.90 from H&M but a little too short D:)
Cyndie Illustrator Flap Skirt (Black/White) in XS
Balenciaga City in Yellow
Shoes from Korea 
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