Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Meet my fellow yoga khakis :D 

We've all been influenced by Zoe to take up classes at her school, Sadhana Sanctuary.
We each signed up for a trial package $38/2 pax (6 classes per pax) and I finished the 6 classes in less than 2 weeks. Already bought a package from them and apart from keeping fit, I hope to improve on my flexibility and most importantly balancing. I really have difficulties staying focused :| Renewing my old love for gymnastics! :P 

On a random note, the Celfies above were taken on my new OPPO N1 Mini right after our yoga session with very minimal editing. I wasn't wearing any make-up except for liptint and lash extensions but look what the beauty mode did to our skin :O The quality of this photo is also super clear because of the rotating camera. 13MP CELFIES?! Only on the OPPO N1 Mini (: 
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