Friday, October 31, 2014


J and I were so so honoured to be invited to view Goldheart's latest launch - Le Pure Platinum Collection. 

As part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, Goldheart launches the new Le Pure Platinum collection in commemoration of the brand's milestone as the first jeweller to introduce the concept of wedding bands in white gold and platinum in Singapore. 

I'm sure many of you know what white gold is, what about platinum? I personally haven't heard of platinum rings until this preview D: (Now I feel so "suaku") Platinum is approximately 60 times harder to find than gold and is the only metal with 90-95% purity - definitely the purest precious metal used in jewelry. 

The Le Pure Platinum collection - so modern and sophisticated 

All of Goldheart's wedding bands come with a hidden (Also known as Pure Blue) sapphire that represents the purity of true love. Likewise for the platinum collection. Marrying platinum, this new collection is the perfect symbol of purest and truest love. 

The below are my favourite 3! 

You can instantly feel the distinct difference upon wearing a platinum ring. 
It is denser and heavier that gives a very sturdy feeling - I LOVE IT!

I would prefer something more statement but J likes it thin and simple :P

We still have time to sort that out haha.

Not forgetting the Le Pure Platinum Collection also carry solitaires and eternity rings (The one with little diamonds all around) 

As further dedication to the divine beauty of pure love, Goldheart collaborated with Inked Fingers (Run by a pair of couple from Austin, Texas) to develop a photo diary that depicts artistic and romantic moments in a pure and true love journey. 

The pictures are so well taken, I couldn't help but looked at it over and over again. 

I also really like that each photo came with a quote that depicts the moment. 
Some of which I could relate to :P 

"My heart beats faster when your letter arrives" 

Well, writing letters during our time weren't "popular" anymore but each time I receive a SMS notification from J, I get really excited :P We see each other everyday but when we travel individually, my heart still flutters when I receive a text from him. 

"Growing with the passing time"

From young teens (J and I met back in 2005 and I was only 14) to working adults, we've always shared the same dream - working towards our future together (: 

"I am here for you"

In good or bad times, happiness or sadness, J has always been there for me. 
He has seen the worse of me, but have never left my side in close to 10 years of dating. 

View the full set of pictures here! They are amazing.

Wait! This is not all!

There will be a ‘Favourite Pure Love Moment’ photo contest on Instagram from 31 Oct – 14 Nov where you can submit photos of your favourite couple moment and 3 lucky winners will stand to win $500 Goldheart vouchers.

Here's mine!! 

That unforgettable sunset cruise in Budapest where you hugged me so tightly reassuring me how special I am to you. 

We had many firsts together but this is one of the most memorable (: 
Sharing our first snow experience together - 2011.

You're my favourite travel companion, lets explore the rest of the world together until our hairs turn grey. 

Thank you for always having my back, reassuring me that I'll never have to walk alone. 

Okay, I better stop now before I get too carried away hahaha. So tough to just pick one D: 
Now, start looking through your photo folders and pick your favourite picture for submission! You might just be the lucky one to walk away with $500 Goldheart vouchers ><

Do also follow Goldheart on Facebook HERE to be kept in the loop whenever they launch new designs or romance campaigns! 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Equarius Hotel

So we finally got the chance to redeem our complimentary one night stay at Equarius Hotel RWS! We could also choose from Hard Rock Hotel/ Michael Hotel/ Festive Hotel and though these hotels are closer to the casino/shopping area, I like the quieter environment at Equarius better! Plus J drives, so moving about isn't really a problem for us. However, if you do not drive and wish to stay at Equarius, they provide shuttle services too!

I couldn't stop exclaiming "WHOA" when I stepped into the room because I wasn't expecting their standard room to be so spacious?? 

Big enough for a party of 10 :P

The spacious and very well furnished toilet. 

As with every stay-cation, we plopped on the comfy white sheets for an afternoon nap until it was time for dinner..

At Prive, Keppel Bay (Just minutes drive from RWS) 

Pretty nice place with outdoor seating overlooking the marina. 

Whats on the Dinner menu! 

If there is Aglio Olio on the menu, it is very unlikely that I'll go for anything else haha. Especially after I confirmed that the kitchen can add chilli padi to make it spicier heh heh. 

Spaghetti - Al Dente and it was tasteful with every mouthful. I polished everything off myself (Minus the few mouthfuls J took off my plate :P) 

Boy and his ob red meat. He asked for medium-rare but it came well-done instead. No issue anyway, the apologetic service staff came and gave us an exchange! 2 thumbs up for service (:

A couple of OOTD snaps against the beautiful marina! (: 
Bloom The Belle Origami Romper only available at Orchard Gateway #B2-02. 

Have a blessed week ahead, love x

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Romance Redux Top

Florals are undoubtedly my favourite prints to be in. Probably explains the overdose of flowery pieces you see on Hollyhoque haha! They are instant mood lifters. For a day packed with activities, I teamed the Romance Redux Top - Navy (Upcoming on with my trusty crochet shorts and suede sneakers. So glad I chanced upon this fabric - Korean linen that is so lightweight & airy during my previous sourcing trip. In pursuit of comfort, I made do without inner lining and instead used 2 layers of the original fabric. You've gotta give it a try to get what I'm talking about! It is already stocked in at our Gateway outlet so pop by any time! (:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The keys

So our keys were finally ready for collection! :D 
Our unit was actually ready since April but because we've been procrastinating, we only got down to preparing the relevant documents beginning of this month. We probably wouldn't have done anything if not for the multiple "reminders" from our developer. Thought long and hard if I should share the renovation process here but since I received multiple emails (On ID recommendations) from a few of my readers on Dayre, I decided to blog about the process here! (Largely also because J is agreeable to it :P Because afterall it is a private space we will share) 

& I present to your our humble 5 room DBSS unit - 1184sqf (: It is actually already in a move-in condition and we were struggling between simply moving in (We'll actually be selling/renting the unit after 5 years - The minimum requirement to sell a first hand HDB) or giving it a whole new look (Ideal theme would be Scandinavian x Industrial). Went with the latter because I just don't want to make do. 5 years is a pretty long time! 

Boy admiring the "view" from our balcony hahaha. 
Probably going to do decking at the balcony then add a dining table for outdoor dining? Still open to options. 

No idea what this little glass panels were supposed to be for? It looks like those openings for restaurants to pass food out from the kitchen :| I've always liked the idea of a kitchen island in the kitchen (Like at my parent's place) so we'll probably be hacking half the wall and increasing the height for an extended table top/ bar counter. (Closest I will get to a kitchen island because the kitchen is too small) 

Now you believe me? Hahaha! Super claustrophobic.
Lucky for us the kitchen is furnished with white/wood cabinets so we can probably keep them since it will go with our theme. 

This floor.. Needs a change? 

Would like a feature wall in the living or dining area! 
Haven't decided if we want white bricks or cement screed wall though. 
Shall wait for the 3D drawings before we decide. 

Parquet flooring in the bedroom, Sheila approved! Haha this one can keep. 

Master bedroom with a mini balcony
Open to ideas from our IDs for this one. 

Intending to change the doors to sliding door.

The cabinets that comes with the room - very nicely done up and its a pity we have to hack it away since we'll already be turning bedroom 2 into a walk-in wardrobe. 

The common bathroom.
The first thing J said when he opened the toilet door, (I quote him word for word) "Whoa, the toilet flooring must change". The other stuff, I think we can keep? 

So this pretty much sums up the house "tour". Hope I didn't bore you out with my rants :P We'll be meeting a few IDs the coming week to view the 3D drawings so I'll do an update again soon (: 

Some OOTD pictures before I sign out! 

Dressed in Hollyhoque Utterly Flutter Top - Blue and upcoming skorts for comfort that day. It was scorching hot and I was so glad to be in a loose and airy sleeveless top that can be worn 2 ways - With off shoulder sleeves or as a simple spag top with flutter details at the side. 
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