Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Equarius Hotel

So we finally got the chance to redeem our complimentary one night stay at Equarius Hotel RWS! We could also choose from Hard Rock Hotel/ Michael Hotel/ Festive Hotel and though these hotels are closer to the casino/shopping area, I like the quieter environment at Equarius better! Plus J drives, so moving about isn't really a problem for us. However, if you do not drive and wish to stay at Equarius, they provide shuttle services too!

I couldn't stop exclaiming "WHOA" when I stepped into the room because I wasn't expecting their standard room to be so spacious?? 

Big enough for a party of 10 :P

The spacious and very well furnished toilet. 

As with every stay-cation, we plopped on the comfy white sheets for an afternoon nap until it was time for dinner..

At Prive, Keppel Bay (Just minutes drive from RWS) 

Pretty nice place with outdoor seating overlooking the marina. 

Whats on the Dinner menu! 

If there is Aglio Olio on the menu, it is very unlikely that I'll go for anything else haha. Especially after I confirmed that the kitchen can add chilli padi to make it spicier heh heh. 

Spaghetti - Al Dente and it was tasteful with every mouthful. I polished everything off myself (Minus the few mouthfuls J took off my plate :P) 

Boy and his ob red meat. He asked for medium-rare but it came well-done instead. No issue anyway, the apologetic service staff came and gave us an exchange! 2 thumbs up for service (:

A couple of OOTD snaps against the beautiful marina! (: 
Bloom The Belle Origami Romper only available at Orchard Gateway #B2-02. 

Have a blessed week ahead, love x
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