Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas eve this year was spent a little differently as compared to the past years - For the first time (As long as I can remember) my parents decided not host a party at home. Instead, we gathered at a Chinese restaurant outside my place for a quiet dinner. Nothing fanciful but straight to the heart. Family together + good food, there is really nothing more to ask for. Later that night saw J and I back at my Mom's place opening Christmas gifts and packing for the big move. He almost lost it when he saw the amount of shizzle I have, I could tell from his eyes. After a mere 3 hours that felt like 300 years, I gave up - Not even 20% done. Guess I'll have to make a few more trips back home to conquer the mess zzz. 

On Christmas day, also coincidentally Christine's birthday, the #4bydeux clique + a couple of our common friends gathered at the birthday girl's place for a night of celebration! 

This was the highlight of our fun filled evening - Secret Santa! 
We only assigned one Secret Santa to each person so everyone only got one present, not shiok! Next year, each person will have 2 Secret Santas! :P 

If you are interested, just search "Secret Santa" on your app store and you'll find an endless list of Secret Santa generators. Simply key in the participants' email addresses and an email will be generated shortly informing you who your secret pal is! 

The Ang sisters!

Our makeshift potluck table, decent right?! Credits to Christine's husband for the setup.


Spizza delivery and spot Zoe pinching food in the background hahaha 

We also ordered Honey Baked Ham & Roast Beef from Da Paolo 

Oops, we went overboard with the cakes :P 
Birthday Mommy & her 2 precious tots!

My favourite of the lot. Log cake from Ritz Carlton, courtesy of Mabs.

In the matching NIKE tees Zoe got us :D 
Love QQ's expression in this one! Looking at her Mama. 

& as with all our gatherings, the night ended with poker card games ^^ 
Thanks for having us Chris! 
I promise to volunteer my place when the renovation is ready :P 

& ending this post with a bright coloured romper I specially kept for the festive party! 
Coming to you soon on so stay tuned! 


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kazu Sumiyaki @ Cuppage Plaza

hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas! 
J and I finally had the opportunity to catch the lovely lightings along Orchard Road last Sunday. Apart from shopping for home necessities in town, we also met up with Diana for dinner. One of the best dinners I've had in months! 

Before I introduce the restaurant that we patronized and is currently on the top of my favourite Japanese restaurant list, some OOTD pictures first!

I was looking for something fuss free to wear that day and this dress popped up in my head! The comfy knit material that is extremely soft to touch kept me warm & snugly from the rainy evening and not to mention, the carefree silhouette of this dress is perfect for running errands!  

Will be available soon on but if you can't wait, you can get it first from our boutique at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 (: 

PS: Pardon vein-y hands

So this is the Japanese restaurant - Kazu Sumiyaki (Specializes in Japanese charcoal grill) I want to share! Located at Cuppage Plaza #04-05.

I'm a huge fan of the Japanese Ochazuke (Rice soaked in green tea & broth topped with seaweed and crumbled rice crackers) and ever since my favourite place to have it at (Shunjuu Izakaya) changed their chef, I haven't found any decent ones that suited my taste buds until...

They have 2 soup options (Chicken / Bonito) and after trying both, I strongly recommend the bonito dashi broth. The tasty aroma is unforgettable and I'll have it any day. Such a simple dish but so so comforting to eat.

At $7, this is the cheapest Ochazuke I've eaten. Would be nice if they could be a little more generous with the Mentaiko though :P

MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Australian Wagyu.

Each mouthful was heaven and is definitely worth the every $8.50/skewer.

Cheese-that-bursts-in-your-mouth sausages.
I'm not a fan (J is, hence we ordered it) of cheesy sausage but I really like this!
Slightly crispy on the outside yet juicy inside.

Garlic Fried Rice, so awesomely garlicky

My undying love for scallops <3
Grilled to perfection. Meat extremely soft and succulent.

This will be the last dish I'm featuring although the other stuff like pork belly & chicken wings tastes as great because I was mindful of the people at the other table watching me wield my bulky camera like a weirdo D: I've been bringing my camera out a lot more often now because of the new lens and I hope I won't get lazy! 

Back to our awesome dinner at Kazu Sumiyaki - Our total bill came up to about $110! For 21 dishes (J counted one by one) and 3 drinks, this is shockingly cheap and I am certain we'll be back again soon. Remember to make reservations because they seem very popular! 

Love, Sheila 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#BNSKINS > Ice-cream Party!

Got this coat off ASOS last year and forgot about it until I was packing for the big move to my new place! Timely for the chilly weather during my recent work trip to China. 

Accented the preppy look with my first ever sleeveless knit throw-over (That you can get here), a classic white shirt and my worn to death poofy skirt. 

Can't stop gushing over my personalized ice-cream phone sticker from Barely Naked that came in the mail just before I flew off! 

Barely Naked is a company that does personalized device skins and nail wraps! By "personalized", it means that you can upload ANY designs you want on their platform and have it transformed into a uniquely yours device skin/nail wrap! 

I was too excited when I received them stickers I forgot to take a picture of the before (Oops). It came in one sheet with 4 parts - Back, upper front, lower front and home button. I am known for butterfingers and had to readjust the home button sticker 4 times. Thankful enough, the stickers are super soft so you can easily peel off and start all over again without leaving any traces! 

One thing about the home button sticker though, is that the fingerprint function on my iPhone 5S isn't as sensitive anymore but that doesn't bother me much since I hardly use it anyway. 
Cute home button > Fingerprint function 

These stickers are great for those who find phone covers too cumbersome but at the same time want protection for their phones.

Each phone sticker only costs $12.90 and if it doesn't sound tempting enough, quote "BNSM10", to get a 10% discount, meaning you'll only have to pay $11.61! They also provide personalized skins for tablets and laptops so hop over to now to see what they have in store for you!

PS: Aren't these pictures awesome?! I'm so obsessed with my new art lens (Used to take the pictures in this post) it made me fall in love with Canon all over again! Can't believe I actually thought of going over to the Nikon side before this..

Monday, December 22, 2014

Suki-ya Swish Swish

Lunch with Zoe & Clarice one Friday! 

Been meaning to try Suki-ya after hearing C's raves and it finally happened! We were at the Plaza Sing outlet for lunch around 1ish and opposite from the reviews I read, the service was actually okay. Not sure if it is because the restaurant was only half full though. 

There are altogether 6 soup bases for you to choose from 

& that afternoon, we went for the Kimuchi (Because I love spicy) and Butaniku - Ultra delicious pork based broth 

Veggies and sorts, take as much as you can eat. They are apparently popular for their chicken cheese balls but I'm not a fan. 

Various condiments for you to make your own dip! 

Thanks to Zoe & C, I found out that the BEST way to eat Shabu Shabu is by dipping the meats into fresh raw egg! So DELICIOUS. Why no one taught me to eat it this way the past 24 years I've been living?! 

If you are taking the Kimuchi soup, be generous with the Chinese cabbage. 
They go together so well I think I had like 3 plates myself haha

Now to the highlight > Paper thin meat slices that cooks within minutes in the hot soup! Although Suki-ya doesn't provide seafood/fish, I feel that the quality meats (Pork, Beef, Chicken) make up for it and I'll surely be back again with J because he is a major meat lover. 

Tartan is the perfect print to wear this festive season! Especially this one that is predominantly Blue & Green - Colours that I adore! The peterpan collars & short sleeves scream schoolgirl chic making me feel like I've been teleported back to high school days. 

// Dress is available in limited quantities HERE


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feeling Electric

Wearing Orange is an extremely bold move for me especially since I am always in Black/Blue/White (Friends can vouch for it hahaha!) but the moment I saw this Orange midi, a strong urge begged me to take it home! I followed my heart, stepped out of comfort zone to try a colour I wouldn't normally wear and hey! It actually looks very refreshing! 

Its a lovely polyester chiffon material that drapes to an asymmetrical hem and I love how it fits and flatters my petite frame. Hitch it up with a belt like I did for a more defined waistline! 

Wishful Wearing Maxi Dress - Coral Orange is coming on soon on and stocked in store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02. 

(Lovisa necklace, Hollyhoque braided belt, GC watch, LV bucket bag, Tory Burch flats)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Group Therapy Cafe

I've been attending morning yoga classes (As early as 7.30AM) with Chris lately which is really great because I seem to be able to manage my day better with more time in hand! For brunch one day, we headed to Group Therapy at 49 Duxton Road after class!

We were one of the first few groups in the cafe so I had the pleasure of snapping some pictures without getting photobomb-ed :D Love the abundance of light, colours and wood in this cafe! 

Its my 2nd time there and I went with the intention to have their pancakes (Omg super fluffy)! Had it on my previous visit and I love it but the portion was too huge for my appetite and nobody wanted to share it with me so I ordered the chicken pie instead, which really was quite disappointing. Can I just say that even the chips on the side outshone the pie? 

My very "meh" chicken pie pales in comparison beside J's "personalized" breakfast - Not only in terms of appearance, but also in taste :( The mushrooms were a little too charred but has great flavour!

Chris's croissant and scrambled eggs - Don't think anyone can go wrong with this dish :P 

Truffle Mushroom Soup that came in a rather large portion, shared among the 3 of us. 
Love this! Would have been fabulous if they added in mushroom bits too! 

Will be back again when I find someone to share the pancakes with :P 

An infinite favourite, stripes are classic and my most favourite print to wear. Plus with a trendy asymmetrical hem like this? I predict this to be on heavy rotation in closet already. 

Also available in Navy and already stocked in at Orchard Gateway #B2-02!
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