Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#BNSKINS > Ice-cream Party!

Got this coat off ASOS last year and forgot about it until I was packing for the big move to my new place! Timely for the chilly weather during my recent work trip to China. 

Accented the preppy look with my first ever sleeveless knit throw-over (That you can get here), a classic white shirt and my worn to death poofy skirt. 

Can't stop gushing over my personalized ice-cream phone sticker from Barely Naked that came in the mail just before I flew off! 

Barely Naked is a company that does personalized device skins and nail wraps! By "personalized", it means that you can upload ANY designs you want on their platform and have it transformed into a uniquely yours device skin/nail wrap! 

I was too excited when I received them stickers I forgot to take a picture of the before (Oops). It came in one sheet with 4 parts - Back, upper front, lower front and home button. I am known for butterfingers and had to readjust the home button sticker 4 times. Thankful enough, the stickers are super soft so you can easily peel off and start all over again without leaving any traces! 

One thing about the home button sticker though, is that the fingerprint function on my iPhone 5S isn't as sensitive anymore but that doesn't bother me much since I hardly use it anyway. 
Cute home button > Fingerprint function 

These stickers are great for those who find phone covers too cumbersome but at the same time want protection for their phones.

Each phone sticker only costs $12.90 and if it doesn't sound tempting enough, quote "BNSM10", to get a 10% discount, meaning you'll only have to pay $11.61! They also provide personalized skins for tablets and laptops so hop over to now to see what they have in store for you!

PS: Aren't these pictures awesome?! I'm so obsessed with my new art lens (Used to take the pictures in this post) it made me fall in love with Canon all over again! Can't believe I actually thought of going over to the Nikon side before this..

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