Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas eve this year was spent a little differently as compared to the past years - For the first time (As long as I can remember) my parents decided not host a party at home. Instead, we gathered at a Chinese restaurant outside my place for a quiet dinner. Nothing fanciful but straight to the heart. Family together + good food, there is really nothing more to ask for. Later that night saw J and I back at my Mom's place opening Christmas gifts and packing for the big move. He almost lost it when he saw the amount of shizzle I have, I could tell from his eyes. After a mere 3 hours that felt like 300 years, I gave up - Not even 20% done. Guess I'll have to make a few more trips back home to conquer the mess zzz. 

On Christmas day, also coincidentally Christine's birthday, the #4bydeux clique + a couple of our common friends gathered at the birthday girl's place for a night of celebration! 

This was the highlight of our fun filled evening - Secret Santa! 
We only assigned one Secret Santa to each person so everyone only got one present, not shiok! Next year, each person will have 2 Secret Santas! :P 

If you are interested, just search "Secret Santa" on your app store and you'll find an endless list of Secret Santa generators. Simply key in the participants' email addresses and an email will be generated shortly informing you who your secret pal is! 

The Ang sisters!

Our makeshift potluck table, decent right?! Credits to Christine's husband for the setup.


Spizza delivery and spot Zoe pinching food in the background hahaha 

We also ordered Honey Baked Ham & Roast Beef from Da Paolo 

Oops, we went overboard with the cakes :P 
Birthday Mommy & her 2 precious tots!

My favourite of the lot. Log cake from Ritz Carlton, courtesy of Mabs.

In the matching NIKE tees Zoe got us :D 
Love QQ's expression in this one! Looking at her Mama. 

& as with all our gatherings, the night ended with poker card games ^^ 
Thanks for having us Chris! 
I promise to volunteer my place when the renovation is ready :P 

& ending this post with a bright coloured romper I specially kept for the festive party! 
Coming to you soon on so stay tuned! 


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