Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Group Therapy Cafe

I've been attending morning yoga classes (As early as 7.30AM) with Chris lately which is really great because I seem to be able to manage my day better with more time in hand! For brunch one day, we headed to Group Therapy at 49 Duxton Road after class!

We were one of the first few groups in the cafe so I had the pleasure of snapping some pictures without getting photobomb-ed :D Love the abundance of light, colours and wood in this cafe! 

Its my 2nd time there and I went with the intention to have their pancakes (Omg super fluffy)! Had it on my previous visit and I love it but the portion was too huge for my appetite and nobody wanted to share it with me so I ordered the chicken pie instead, which really was quite disappointing. Can I just say that even the chips on the side outshone the pie? 

My very "meh" chicken pie pales in comparison beside J's "personalized" breakfast - Not only in terms of appearance, but also in taste :( The mushrooms were a little too charred but has great flavour!

Chris's croissant and scrambled eggs - Don't think anyone can go wrong with this dish :P 

Truffle Mushroom Soup that came in a rather large portion, shared among the 3 of us. 
Love this! Would have been fabulous if they added in mushroom bits too! 

Will be back again when I find someone to share the pancakes with :P 

An infinite favourite, stripes are classic and my most favourite print to wear. Plus with a trendy asymmetrical hem like this? I predict this to be on heavy rotation in closet already. 

Also available in Navy and already stocked in at Orchard Gateway #B2-02!

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