Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kazu Sumiyaki @ Cuppage Plaza

hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas! 
J and I finally had the opportunity to catch the lovely lightings along Orchard Road last Sunday. Apart from shopping for home necessities in town, we also met up with Diana for dinner. One of the best dinners I've had in months! 

Before I introduce the restaurant that we patronized and is currently on the top of my favourite Japanese restaurant list, some OOTD pictures first!

I was looking for something fuss free to wear that day and this dress popped up in my head! The comfy knit material that is extremely soft to touch kept me warm & snugly from the rainy evening and not to mention, the carefree silhouette of this dress is perfect for running errands!  

Will be available soon on but if you can't wait, you can get it first from our boutique at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 (: 

PS: Pardon vein-y hands

So this is the Japanese restaurant - Kazu Sumiyaki (Specializes in Japanese charcoal grill) I want to share! Located at Cuppage Plaza #04-05.

I'm a huge fan of the Japanese Ochazuke (Rice soaked in green tea & broth topped with seaweed and crumbled rice crackers) and ever since my favourite place to have it at (Shunjuu Izakaya) changed their chef, I haven't found any decent ones that suited my taste buds until...

They have 2 soup options (Chicken / Bonito) and after trying both, I strongly recommend the bonito dashi broth. The tasty aroma is unforgettable and I'll have it any day. Such a simple dish but so so comforting to eat.

At $7, this is the cheapest Ochazuke I've eaten. Would be nice if they could be a little more generous with the Mentaiko though :P

MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Australian Wagyu.

Each mouthful was heaven and is definitely worth the every $8.50/skewer.

Cheese-that-bursts-in-your-mouth sausages.
I'm not a fan (J is, hence we ordered it) of cheesy sausage but I really like this!
Slightly crispy on the outside yet juicy inside.

Garlic Fried Rice, so awesomely garlicky

My undying love for scallops <3
Grilled to perfection. Meat extremely soft and succulent.

This will be the last dish I'm featuring although the other stuff like pork belly & chicken wings tastes as great because I was mindful of the people at the other table watching me wield my bulky camera like a weirdo D: I've been bringing my camera out a lot more often now because of the new lens and I hope I won't get lazy! 

Back to our awesome dinner at Kazu Sumiyaki - Our total bill came up to about $110! For 21 dishes (J counted one by one) and 3 drinks, this is shockingly cheap and I am certain we'll be back again soon. Remember to make reservations because they seem very popular! 

Love, Sheila 

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