Friday, December 12, 2014

Lost Singapore

Last weekend, we were invited by the lovely people of Lost SG to try out their real escape game and we were thrilled because its our first time experiencing something like this! 

Lost originated from Hongkong and not only has it become one of the best real escape games there, it is also recognized throughout Asia! 

As the clock ticks (60minutes), you will have to find a way out as a team - Using analytical, logical reasoning and observational skills, players will have to look for hints and tools from the themed rooms in order to "escape" from a pre-set scenario in the room. 

With the other half of our team ^^ Zoe & Alvin! 

There are altogether 5 games available > Alcatraz, Aokigahara, Castiglione, Exodus and Isometrick and that day we played the Castiglione and Isometrick! You can find out more about the individual games here!

We started off with Castiglione (More info about this game can be found here) and had to watch an introductory video first before we proceeded to a dark room with 3 torch lights. 

To not spoil your surprise, I'll only be posting this picture of only this area! Expect things to start shifting when you get the correct moves. Initially, we were all guessing that someone is watching us from the CCTV and creating the effects as we get each hint correctly but no, everything is automated! The wonders of technology these days... 

Admittedly, we were pretty lousy and had to seek help from the intercom twice lol! Would have been better if we had more brains with us that day. 

The next game we were encouraged to try was the Isometrick (More info on the game can be found here) and I think I fared slightly better for this one :P If you like puzzle games, I'm quite sure you'll enjoy this! 

Lace Du Jour Dress on me is available for purchase here 
& the Tiki Me Away Romper on Zoe can be found here! (: 

Laugh out loud at J's "brain dead" face hahaha! 

Now, to more information about the prices > 
Peak: $26.90/pax
Non-peak: $20.90/pax

Peak hours are from Monday to Friday, 6PM - 11PM, Saturdays and Sundays, full day. 

PS: During peak periods, players may have to join another group unless you pay for 7 heads to book the whole room so it is recommended that you go in bigger groups! 

Thanks for having us, Lost SG! <3 
I'm already making plans to go back again with my family to try out the other games!


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