Monday, December 1, 2014

SKM x Project Awareness

Thankful for a 2nd chance to work with Singapore Kindness Movement again this year! 

Last year, we celebrated kindness by encouraging Singaporeans to take a pro-social stance in practicing kindness and graciousness. Formed into 5 groups, we were each given a task. One that I vivdly remember was greeting and paying compliments to passer-bys! This is very common in the western countries but not quite the case in Singapore because we tend to be more reserved. Through those activities, we want to make someone's day and hope our efforts will be paid forward from stranger to stranger. 

This year, Singapore Kindness Movement wishes to tap on social media (That has become deeply entwined with our lives) to spread kindness. A #NationOfKindness starts with ONE generous hashtagger campaign encourages social media users to post something kind. It can be a kind act carried out, kindness witnessed/received or simply encouraging words for others on your network. 

With each post, sponsors like F&N and Super will pledge food items to be donated to low income households! 

Do your part as a generous hashtagger and bring some joy to the less fortunate! 

SKM also collaborated with Project Awareness (A volunteer community that helps needy families) to help out in food distribution to the low income families. I've always wanted to volunteer myself for such activities but don't know where to start so I'm very thankful for this opportunity! This is definitely only the beginning as we are already looking forward to the next activity! Visit Project Awareness's FB page HERE if you are interested in finding out more!

We gathered at 9.30AM and started off with preparing the bread loaves for distribution! We had about 500 loaves to give out that day! 

Instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning, this amazing bunch volunteered themselves for this campaign! 

Elson (Founder of Project Awareness) briefing us on the day's activities. 
We were then broken down into smaller groups that will be in charge of the assigned floors so we don't go to the same unit twice. 

Most of the units only had 1 room and in there lived 1 or 2 elderly. It was heart wrenching to see some of them with moving difficulties living alone :( 

 Me at a loss not knowing where to start D: 

But after seeing how the other volunteers worked, I braced myself and did my first "knock knock"

A few attempts later, I started to get the hang of it and found myself enjoying the process. 

 Gecks who only slept at 6AM made it for this activity as well! So proud of her (: 

Most of the elderly I met were very friendly especially this ah-ma who couldn't stop smiling and thanking me when I handed the bread to her! :D 

There were also some angry elderly who did not show appreciation to our short company but that didn't deter us from finishing what we set out to do! 

Team work! Together we went from block to block, door to door, until we finished the distribution! 

It is quite the task for me to get up early, more so on a weekend but doing this made it feel all worthwhile! I actually feel that I'm doing a part in giving back to the society.  

"Giving stretches your faith. 
Go on and give boldly!" 

Let’s continue to support the #nationofkindness initiative so that we can bring more food to these elderly and low income families, while spreading some positivity online.
Remember, any kind acts carried out/received/witnessed counts!
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