Monday, December 22, 2014

Suki-ya Swish Swish

Lunch with Zoe & Clarice one Friday! 

Been meaning to try Suki-ya after hearing C's raves and it finally happened! We were at the Plaza Sing outlet for lunch around 1ish and opposite from the reviews I read, the service was actually okay. Not sure if it is because the restaurant was only half full though. 

There are altogether 6 soup bases for you to choose from 

& that afternoon, we went for the Kimuchi (Because I love spicy) and Butaniku - Ultra delicious pork based broth 

Veggies and sorts, take as much as you can eat. They are apparently popular for their chicken cheese balls but I'm not a fan. 

Various condiments for you to make your own dip! 

Thanks to Zoe & C, I found out that the BEST way to eat Shabu Shabu is by dipping the meats into fresh raw egg! So DELICIOUS. Why no one taught me to eat it this way the past 24 years I've been living?! 

If you are taking the Kimuchi soup, be generous with the Chinese cabbage. 
They go together so well I think I had like 3 plates myself haha

Now to the highlight > Paper thin meat slices that cooks within minutes in the hot soup! Although Suki-ya doesn't provide seafood/fish, I feel that the quality meats (Pork, Beef, Chicken) make up for it and I'll surely be back again with J because he is a major meat lover. 

Tartan is the perfect print to wear this festive season! Especially this one that is predominantly Blue & Green - Colours that I adore! The peterpan collars & short sleeves scream schoolgirl chic making me feel like I've been teleported back to high school days. 

// Dress is available in limited quantities HERE



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