Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The proposal

Approximately one week ago, J asked if I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him and of course I said yes ^^

He usually fails to keep any surprises because we see/talk to each other too much (& I'm the kind that will keep probing once I discover any slight hints, eventually spoiling my own surprise lol) but this secret proposal was an absolute success. I heard he had planned this for the longest time and have been waking up at 5.30am every morning (For a week) to do the set up at our new place (That is still empty at the moment but renovation works start this week! *Excited*)! I'll usually be fast asleep so he sneaks out and comes back when I'm about to wake. On a few occasions I woke up before he came back and I believed when he told me he had gone to the gym lol.

The day before the proposal he kept bugging to me have dinner at Lawry's but I turned down his suggestion because I made manicure & dinner plans with Gecks after yoga and he was super cool about it, didn't insist that I go to dinner with him becaus he knew I'd suspect :P After I was done with my nails, Gecks suddenly told me something at work cropped up so she cant take dinner with me and because she sounded so serious, I bought her story lol (She was actually in cahoots with J). At this time, I called J and asked for his whereabouts and he said he was nearby so I was like, yay come pick me. While waiting for him to come get me, he messaged me and said we needed to go to our new place urgently to settle some gas application (At 8PM?!?!) and I believed him. The drive there was very usual, he told me about his day and I was singing along to some songs on Kiss 92.

When we finally got there, he told me to stay in the car as he had to go up to the unit to pick up some documents before going to the management office which is a few blocks away so I obediently waited. 5 minutes passed and my phone started ringing - J told me to come up because he needed some help and in my heart I was thinking, why so troublesome D: (I was actually pretty drained from yoga) but I ceased the car engine and made my way there anyway. I made him promise to pick me from the lift lobby because I dare not take HDB lifts alone. On my way, I saw a very familiar silhouette, it was Liz hiding behind a pillar LOL! He assigned Liz and Christine's daughters to "escort" me up. That was when it finally dawned on me that J could actually be proposing!!!

A short moment later we were on our way up & the lift doors opened, I got out first and saw unfamiliarity. My neighbour's door doesn't quite look like that mmm. & then we realized we were at level 7 instead of 13 LOL! Liz stays on the 7th floor and she probably was too excited she forgot. My sissy is too cute <3

After what felt like an eon, we finally got to my place! Spotted a small bunch of lavenders dangling at the door with a cute heart wreath at the knob and then I was almost certain, this is it - J is going to propose.

I entered, and a trail of light (999 candles in total) all over the entire house greeted me. I was extremely overwhelmed. He decorated every corner with bits and pieces of our love story.

PS: Picture credits to Mabel x

The very narrow and small kitchen that I once scorned suddenly felt so divine.
Snippets of our pictures old and new were scattered all over.

Together with the candles, it felt like I was in a fairytale.

Baby me and baby him, pictures that I don't even remember I own. He is meticulous like that x

The first Vday gift I made J lol. Back in 2005... Can't believe he kept it until now. Super antique hahaha.

Then there was a small display of our favourite fridge magnets collected from all over the world and a little area displaying all the love notes we wrote to each other back in the days :P J is such a sentimental person he kept every little thing I made him <3 Its a little embarrassing to share the love note corner here because I used to spell like diz so lets skip that lol.

We have 3 rooms and he labelled each of them into Past, Present & Future.
Calligraphy by my talented sissy (:

In the "Past" room, he displayed an album we made way back and I had to play a video he made me on our 3rd Valentine and halfway through the video, I was already crying like a baby :| It brought back so many fond memories of our early dating days. Also, J is quite the computer idiot so him succeeding in making a video is a huge deal, or at least to me.

Snippets of the video that J forbids me to share :P

In the next room - "Present"
Another video awaits me...

Here, I had mucus and tears all over my face. Gross I know but I couldn't maintain.

Snippets of the video (:
J actually thanked me for turning him into a fatty hahaha. He really isn't as boring and stern as he seem in pictures.

& to the "Future" room where the man of my dreams was waiting at.

Were you thinking that he was going to pull out a ring?? Nope. He took tissue paper out of his pockets to wipe sweat hahahaha! Why am I not surprised. So anyway, he said he didn't prepare a ring and asked if I was willing to accept the rose and move on to the next chapter of our lives. Liz said I just kept nodding lol. Took some pictures and shortly after, the rest left while we stayed on for a bit. 

I thought that was a closure to the proposal but nooooo J was still trying to scam me!! He mentioned that he left something at the Gateway store and needs to collect it so we drove to town and I believed him all the way until he suddenly turned in at Shangri-La Hotel.
I knew something was up his sleeves again.

He led me to a room on the 21st floor and upon opening the door, I was welcomed into a dark room filled with lots of balloons and lightsticks! Friends from earlier at our place all managed to rush down as well!

I was then tasked to look for the "special" balloon...

& when I found it, there was a ring inside!!



Double YES!

& that was how I agreed to become Mrs.Ng :P

So the next step after engagement would be the wedding! We'll be ROM-ing early next year first because of HDB restrictions (It'll be simple closed door affair) but we both agreed not to rush and hold the banquet in Jan 2017 instead (: Lots of time to plan until then! If you have any tips or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment here (I've recently activated it again!) :D 


  1. Omg so nice Sheila! Have been a long time reader/customer and so happy for you!

  2. Finally! Had been reading since u started blogshop?! Sooooo happy for you despite being a silent reader!! All the best wishes!

  3. Congrats Sheila! Your ring is so beautiful? Care to share where is it from? :)

  4. Congrats! Read already I also cry. So sweet la!

  5. Your bf is so meticulous i bet most girls who read this will be envious. But congrats! This is such a lovely happy post!


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