Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tteokbokki Sisters In Seoul - Day 4 5 6

We've come to the last part of Tteokkbokki Sisters In Seoul and Day 4 saw us visiting the Style Nanda Flagship store at Hongdae! I've been there before but being the road idiot I always am, we still got lost. Thankful for the useful directions given by kind locals, we made it there anyway.

Stocked up on alot of Style Nanda's 3CE cosmetics!
I'm a huge fan of their Waterful Foundation and Full Cover Concealer and am wearing these 2 products in the selfie above! 

I love how we can find BBQ restaurants so easily in Seoul! & unlike in Singapore, its super affordable there! A meal like what we had (2 meats - Beef ribs + pork belly, and a soup) only costs SGD28! :O 

We did a lot of shopping at Hongdae but no pictures because our hands were too busy :P 
Ended our day out with a smoothie each at Bau House, a dog cafe located at Yanghwa-ro 8-gil. (Exit 3 from Hapjeong Station) 

Beautiful blooms spotted while we were on our way back to the hotel! Reason why Summer is always my favourite season (: 

Fuss free dinner from the road side stalls in Myeong Dong (Just below our hotel - The Plaza, how convenient!) and we retired early that night. 

Its true when people say ample sleep gives you nice skin! 

Started Day 5 morning with a belly warming breakfast at a porridge restaurant in Myeong Dong. The one we went to is hidden at corner on the basement! There are many porridge restaurants in Myeong Dong so don't worry about finding one (:

Love the thick yet smooth texture of Korean Porridge! Anyone knows where we can find Korean porridge back home? 

Last minute gift shopping for family and friends! Myeong Dong houses all the Korean cosmetic/skin care brands, it is every girl's heaven. 

Don came to join us later and we shared a "Bingsu" to escape from the summer heat (: 

He also brought us to Aland (A 5 storey shopping mall) in Hongdae for some shopping! Liz and I hardly buy clothes since we are all for Hollyhoque (Hahaha) but the stuff there are really trendy and affordable! Plus, they are all designed by local designers, so we had to show some support and also we probably won't find them anywhere else!

We told Don to bring us to a good "Naengmyeon" (Cold noodles) place for our last dinner in Seoul so he brought us to this restaurant (Also within Hongdae) that has both "Naengmyeon" & BBQ! :D He is really our personal "Hungrygowhere", Seoul version hahaha. 

& this probably sums up our 6 days in Korea. Liz trying to fit everything in the exploding luggages lol! Thanks for being such a spontaneous travel partner sissy! Looking forward to more travel adventures with chuuuu <3 

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