Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home Renovations Two

It is confirmed - We'll be moving into our new place on the 2nd week of February, just before Chinese New Year! *Hurrah* I wanted to do a detailed journal of the renovation process on this blog but because of time limitation and the convenience of Dayre, I've been updating on the latter instead. Will share some pictures of the renovation progress so far in this post and if you are interested you can find me on Dayre here

Just a brief background, J and I both decided on the Scandi - Eclectic theme before we started on the renovations. We went to a handful of interior designing firms but none impressed us with their drawings so in the end, we took the leap of faith and looked for a contractor instead. (J had business dealings with him before and he seemed like a honest man) Excuse me if anything doesn't look theoretically right in terms of art and design because I have no experience with interior designing and all "instructions" came in the form of pictures, amateur drawings and words. 

White is a predominant colour in the Scandinavian theme so of course we stuck to it. It is also like a clean canvas sheet for me to play around with the coloured furnitures! 

Our unit came fully furnished so I tried to retain as many things as I could (We already paid for them!! Pfft) - Flooring, kitchen & toilets & the wardrobe in one of the bedrooms (Work space). I did hack the kitchen wall and added a bar top counter to make it look a little less claustrophobic though. Click here to see its original state and you'll get what I mean. 

Accented the dining walls with brick craft stones. 

& also added a few Black/White prints for some spice. I absolutely love how the frames complement my dining light! 

It isn't obvious in the previous photos but this is how the lights look like up-close. 

To the left of the kitchen is our floating shoe rack in a pretty decent size. Really like the mini umbrella compartment at the little corner :P 

Leaving these 2 racks for J and I shall terrorize the rest lol. He is always in the same pair of slippers anyway, I genuinely don't think he minds.

Moving on to the bedrooms... 

Full length white wooden blinds with black tape for our work space! One thing I like about our unit is the full length windows in every room that lets in lots of light! This is important because I believe houses should always be bright for positive energy. 

For our Walk-In-Wardrobe, I combined the pole system with some carpentry works. The pole system is less bulky and most importantly, if we were to expand our space, we can reuse them! We were worried it would look shabby if entire room was furnished with poles only so we added some carpentry works in as well. As of now, the Walk-In-Wardrobe is only half complete, will upload more pictures when it is fully done up! PS: The left corner you see in the 2nd picture will be my dresser! :P 

Sharing some outfits before I log off (: 




Monday, January 19, 2015

Maldives - Part Une

Here to share about our tropical vacation at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Maldives! 

We booked the Sunset Water Villa via Agoda at around $1,600/night (Full-board) including taxes and emailed the resort directly to ask for speedboat transfer from the Male airport - Round trip for 2 costs about $300. 

I literally hyperventilated as this jaw dropping sight greeted us the moment we set foot into the resort. It made me wonder how lucky am I to witness something so beautiful like this, with the most important person in my life <3 Thanks for making this dream come true, Boobles. 

We took a short rest at the over-water bar, filled up some documents and were introduced to our butler, Anup who oversaw all our needs during the stay. 

After Anup took us on a little island tour, he brought us to our villa (Finally!) 

Sneaked a few outfit shots in between because the lighting was too good to be missed! 

Get-up mostly from Hollyhoque excluding slippers & bag. 
Sundress: Upcoming on Hollyhoque (But already stocked in store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) 
Hat: Available HERE
Sunglass: Sold out on Hollyhoque, but similar pieces available HERE and HERE


The spacious sun-deck that overlooks the lagoon and vast blue ocean is my favourite spot to be at anytime of the day! 

Life vests are available in all the villas so you are always snorkel ready. 

This is the outdoor dining area where we had our in-villa breakfast daily with sounds of crashing waves for company. I miss this so much!! >( 

The flight of stairs that leads to underwater utopia. 

Love the simple and unpretentious wood finishings all round the room that made our stay extremely cosy and comfortable.

Huge ass toilet that comes with an outdoor jacuzzi good to fit 2! 
This is the best place to be in after snorkelling. 

We were generally pleased with the villa but one thing it was lacking though, is an iron!! D: 
My biggest pet peeve is having to wear crumpled clothing so I had no choice but to straighten my clothes with a hair dryer. Luckily for me, most of the clothing I brought were made of chiffon so the hair dryer method actually worked *Phew* 

While I was taking pictures for the "Villa tour", J had already dived into the waters. Boys..

Excitedly showing me pictures of his "underwater discovery". 

I joined him shortly after but grazed my knee as I stumbled on the corals. For some strange reasons, I keep having the idea that corals are soft?? We even brought our own dive booties to protect our feet but I guess accidents happens. Probably got overly excited with so many fishes surrounding me lol. The wound looked fine initially with very minimal bleeding so I continued snorkelling but the moment we got out of the water *BAM* blood started trickling down from my knee non-stop D: Freaked out for a while but that didn't stop me from having fun because I still went ahead with water activities the next day :P I am hardly this brave but I know I'll regret if I just sit around the resort and do nothing. 

After cleaning up the wound, we sat on the edge of our plunge pool and watched the sun set bit by bit. It was one helluva mind-blowing scene, an experience that will forever be attached to my mind.

It was time for dinner at the main restaurant after we were done showering and we had to walk through this dimly lit path to get there. Romantic much? Lol. 

We opted for full-board so all meals (Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner) are included. 
For dinners, we get a 4 course meal - Appetizer, soup, main & dessert. 
There'll be a few options for you to choose from so there'll definitely be something for everyone. 
That night, I had king scallops wrapped in pork belly as my main course and can I just say it looks as good as it looks? Much effort on the plate presentation! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PS Cafe Petit - Martin Road

Back to the daily grind - Early morning yoga sessions before heading to the office. We mostly settle for a quick meal after yoga but today, we decided to give ourselves a brunch treat after our work out and whenever I can't make up my mind, PS Cafe Petit at Martin Road is always on the back-up list.

Awesome lighting calls for some photo taking >< 

I love the minimalist industrial d├ęcor here at PS Cafe Petit and would have totally gone with this theme for my home if J didn't oppose to it. (He feels it is too "cold and lifeless" for a home, meh) 

A glance at the breakfast menu

We always stay faithful to what we order. 
For me its Egg & Bacon Bunwich, and for J, Truffle Fries and a Butter Croissant. I love how the buns are crispy and soft at the same time. Not to mention the caramelized onions that tastes so delicious, yum!

This face basically sums up my long day at work. 
I used to be able to hangout with friends for drinks after work but it seems like age is catching up with me, I feel lethargic even before 10PM these days, sigh. 

Check out our latest collection here, if you like the romper I'm wearing! (: 

Just in case you're not on our mailing list, there is an ongoing sale at the Hollyhoque store (Orchard Gateway #B2-02) with selected items going at 40% discount! We also added a sale rack with prices starting from SGD9 so be sure to visit us soon! 

Time to crash now, goodnight! 
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