Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

The first day of the new year was spent with my favourite people at Gardens By The Bay! It was a day of non stop feasting because Christine says if we eat like a king on the first day of 2015, we will get to eat well the rest of the year haha. Pretty sure it doesn't work this way but it was the perfect excuse to pig out! 

After a heavy dim sum brunch at Majestic Bay Restaurant, we spent the rest of the afternoon viewing flowers and of course, taking pictures. Later in the night we had dinner at Boiler but I was so impressed with the seafood I just couldn't be bothered with my camera :P Hope J takes me back there soon then I'll share pictures here heh! 

One with the TNS girls (Mabel & Christine) & Zoe! 

A collection of my favourite couple shots <3 

The 2 little ones that never fails to bring laughter to the clique. 

Christine brought her helper along so we had MANY opportunities to take group shots but turns out this is the only decent one because...

The rest pretty much turned out like this >( I forgot to increase the aperture on my camera when we took group shots so every time we take a picture together, the people standing in the back row (Background) ends up blur like this one lol.  

Ending with a smiley shot of Zoe and I, taken by J. 
He adjusted all the settings on Jonas himself and achieved just the right kind of brightness I like. 
So proud of you Bae! 

Floral shirt romper on me is upcoming on really soon & cropped layered tank on Zoe is available HERE (: 

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