Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PS Cafe Petit - Martin Road

Back to the daily grind - Early morning yoga sessions before heading to the office. We mostly settle for a quick meal after yoga but today, we decided to give ourselves a brunch treat after our work out and whenever I can't make up my mind, PS Cafe Petit at Martin Road is always on the back-up list.

Awesome lighting calls for some photo taking >< 

I love the minimalist industrial d├ęcor here at PS Cafe Petit and would have totally gone with this theme for my home if J didn't oppose to it. (He feels it is too "cold and lifeless" for a home, meh) 

A glance at the breakfast menu

We always stay faithful to what we order. 
For me its Egg & Bacon Bunwich, and for J, Truffle Fries and a Butter Croissant. I love how the buns are crispy and soft at the same time. Not to mention the caramelized onions that tastes so delicious, yum!

This face basically sums up my long day at work. 
I used to be able to hangout with friends for drinks after work but it seems like age is catching up with me, I feel lethargic even before 10PM these days, sigh. 

Check out our latest collection here, if you like the romper I'm wearing! (: 

Just in case you're not on our mailing list, there is an ongoing sale at the Hollyhoque store (Orchard Gateway #B2-02) with selected items going at 40% discount! We also added a sale rack with prices starting from SGD9 so be sure to visit us soon! 

Time to crash now, goodnight! 


  1. A380 approaching, clear for landing

  2. Control tower: "SQ30, you are cleared for take-off!"

  3. With such a kind heart, I'm sure Sheila will have safe flights all her life and will thank you for the blessings you have for her every other day. By the way, happy marriage to you and the love of your life Sheila! :)

  4. It is nowonder why this successful young lady has garnered hatred and envy from those so called anonymous. Well fret not babe, because you have so much in life to be thankful and blessed by, don't give a second thought to senseless comments like this. Everyone is made different and nobody should care about a keyboard warrior. Heads up, babe! ;) Always a supporter of your retail business.

    1. Aww thanks for the kind words Eda You just made my day! ^^

  5. Hello Sheila!

    Will you be having backorders for your floral shirt rompers?

    I missed the season! =((

    1. Sorry dear, there will not be backorders for this :(


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