Friday, January 2, 2015

Vivre Activewear

Yoga is something I do about 3-4 times a week now. 3 months ago Zoe encouraged some girlfriends and I to sign up for a trial package at her yoga school. After the first few sessions I was convinced that it is actually very beneficial to both my body and mind. It also reignited my love for Gymnastics :P I feel stronger physically and I love how yoga relaxes the mind. It is probably the only time I'm not on my phone. (Minus sleeping) 

One of the first few yoga-wear brands that Zoe recommended to me is Vivre Activewear and I surely wasn't disappointed! Prices are reasonable at only 40% (If not less) of bigger brands like Lululemon and material is very long-lasting! 

Most of their designs are pretty trendy like this toga sports bra! 
Especially love the little peekaboo here that not only adds a unique twist to the usual sports bras we normally see, it also defines and flatters the back.

This Vivre premium product is thick in material and padded, providing great support and lift, at least for me. 

Attempting a back bend!

Toga sports bra available HERE

I think you might have guessed my fetish for all things togas :P This black toga is the first sports top I got from Vivre when I just started to practice yoga! I've worn and washed this countless times since then, and it is still in perfect condition! 

One criteria in all my yoga shorts is that it must have some ruche detailing because it will help to hide any obscene panty lines D: This one here is simply perfect and with a lovely print like this? How to say no?? Even  if you do not do yoga, these shorts are great for just any workout regimes!

Toga top available HERE & ruche shorts available HERE.

Thank you Vivre, for showering me with all these awesome active wear! & dearest readers (Who are still reading my nonsense blog), you get a 10% off STOREWIDE (Minimum purchase SGD50) when you check out using "SheilaVivre"!


  1. Looking good! Which yoga studio do you go to?

  2. Hi, are you wearing size S or M for your toga sports bra babe?

  3. Hi sheila! Can I check what lens you're using for the above mirror shot? Thanks!


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