Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kinsa Sushi - Hillview

Read on, because today I have 5x $15 Kinsa Sushi vouchers to be given away

The co-owner of Kinsa Sushi (Shannon) used to be Zoe's colleague at Abacus and about a week before CNY, he invited us to his new venture at Hillview for lunch. They also have another outlet at Ang Mo Kio so North-Easties, good news for you! 

 First up on our lunch line-up was their signature - Wagyu Don ($24.80), prepared using A4 grade Wagyu, complete with an Onsen Tamago on the side. 

This dish surely lived up to its name with great flavouring and each slice of beef was perfectly seared, so chewy and tender, I felt like I was in heaven with every mouthful - nope, not exaggerating at all. 

 Foie Gras Mizore Mushi ($6.80) 

"Mizore" is a Japanese word that translates to snow and when you stir the soup lightly you'll find little White bits swirling around - like falling snow! I personally don't like the taste of Foie Gras so I was skeptical about trying it. After giving away all my Foie Gras, I decided to be a little more adventurous and took a small sip and boy was I sold! The soup was extremely rich in flavour and I enjoyed the mushrooms with it! 

While waiting for the other food to be served, Shannon took us on a tour around his restaurant. Check out the magnetic rotating belt (I was told this is the first in Singapore) that gives off coloured lights! 

Another highlight of Kinsa Sushi Hillview is this fish tank where seasonal fishes are freshly imported for your pick! You can then choose how you want it to be cooked with no additional costs. 

Unfortunately, Salmon is the only raw fish I eat so I can't be a judge of the other food items here but trust me when I say the Salmon is damn good. It was chilled at a perfect temperature and the meat was extremely juicy and smooth - I had like 6 pieces on my own. 

Then, we had this Sushi platter that "says" 吉 in Chinese that literally means Lucky! How perfect to kick start the CNY festivities.

& a prosperous "Lou Hei" to end the meal with! 
My belly was already bursting by the time this platter came so I was only picking out all the
 Jellyfish and crackers to eat hahaha :P 


As mentioned earlier in the post, I have 5x $15 vouchers to share! 
To win, simply leave a comment below with your email address and comment who you would like to 
visit the restaurant with & why! 



  1. Hi Sheila! I would like to bring my grandparents to try Kinsa as both of them are lovers of Jap cuisine! Despite the common steroetype of older generations liking "warm" food more, my gramps really love raw sashimi and other Jap food so I wish to bring them there to try the food :)
    Thank you! (my email is

  2. I would like to bring my mum! She's always there for me during the ups and downs of my life, would really want an opportunity to thank her plus she loves Japanese food ! She will enjoy the surprise treat !

    1. I have gotten the giveaway vouchers! Thanks Kinsa Sushi and Sheilamandy !

  3. I would love to bring my the other half for a feast . Our favorite will always be Jap food~yum yum~what's more, good things are meant to be shared with your love ones
    My email address is

  4. Would love to visit kinsa sushi which is just right next to my workplace at mindef headquarters. The vouchers would be a great chance for me and my colleagues to have some yummy jap food for lunch! :D Cheryl

  5. ( not sure if my comment got thru :/)

    I would like to visit this place with my Boyf! As the dishes you've introduced seems interesting and I would like to bring him here as a reward for working and mugging hard!

    Hope I would get this opportunity too! Thank you! :)

  6. Have always wanted to visit Kinsa Sushi ever since it was opened at Hill v2, which is a convenient location for me.

    Would love to use the vouchers to treat my family to a good meal as it has been a long while since we had dinner as a family!

  7. Hi Sheila, I would love to bring my family to Kinsa Sushi because the dishes look delectable and I think it is a great opportunity for us to bond over the prosperous lohei and sushi platter! :)

  8. Hi Sheila,

    I would love to bring my boyfriend to Kinsa Sushi because we had tried the one at Ang Mo Kio before and it was pretty good and their food is really fresh. I would like to visit this new branch to see what new food items they will be offering. Also both of us enjoy Japanese food alot and would go round the island to search for affordable and delicious Japanese restaurants. Thank you for reading :)

    Joyce (

  9. I have visited the AMK branch quite a number of times but I never knew (or expected) that the boss would share the same name as me! And that we are both guys no less. :D

    The new branch at Hillview looks awesome and I am so going to check it with my family and loved ones definitely - hopefully with some vouchers in tow too! ;)


  10. Hi! I would love to treat my old bean (dad) and loved ones to Kinsa Sushi because my dad loves to eat raw sashimi, but had to skip it often as we do not share the same appetite with him. This voucher came in timely for a well-deserving treat for his stressful work. My boyfriend and I have also visited the Ang Mo Kio branch a few times, each time leaving with a satisfied tummy, because of the delicious food there. (:


  11. Hello Sheila!
    Ive been following your blog for quite awhile and I really enjoy all your posts! I would like to win this voucher and give my boyfriend a surprise treat as he has been working 11-12 hours almost everyday and needs a perk like this! And its a coincidence that he works at amk so this would definitely be the perfect gift for him that I can afford now before graduating. :) Thank you for this giveaway!
    Min Yi

  12. Hi Sheila!

    I would love to bring my parents as they are a fan of Japanese cuisine! They've been busy working and I hope to take this opportunity to give them a breather by treating them to this delicious cuisine! It's also located near my house so it'd def be convenient for a short family outing together! :)

    I'm contactable at :)


  13. I've just started work and hasn't been spending much time with my parents due to work commitments. It'll be nice to bring my parents for a treat at kinda sushi and I'll certainly be a good family bonding session over yummy jap food! Can't wait to try some of the dishes that you recommended hehe (: -Yiting (

  14. (apologies if you receive the comment multiple times - there was a pop-up as I submitted my comment!)
    Hello Sheila. I have recently become more fitness/health conscious and among my new regimen, i started watching my diet more, trying to improve the quality of my diet and food consumption - takeaway salmon sashimi (like you, that's the only raw fish i consume!) has become a more frequent item on my dinner menu whereas yummy carbs/quality meat (worth the calories) such as those you featured are a treat on selected days. I would like to take my partner along to try this place as he shares my love for quality japanese food. More importantly i intend this to be a treat for him, for he has been very supportive of my new-ish health regimen, and while he has different health / fitness goals and less athletic, he'd regularly accompany me to gyms (even helped me get a membership package) and eat cleaner food with me to encourage me, just because it's easier to keep up a routine with a companion. Because of my new 'commitment', we had given up the time which we used to spend feasting on usually sinful food or glamming up for a brunchdate. (Although we dont meet a lot, most of the time we spend together now I'd be in my unabashedly cheap exercise attire, the same old scrunched up hair, an unconcealed blemished face, in a sweat-dripping mode with a grimace on my face, and usually in an unglam stance.. like a squat. And he does not mind seeing me in my worst physical and mental states.) It would be lovely if i can surprise him with this treat for novelty to thank him for loyally standing by my lifestyle choices:) and what better to do so with yummy food that we both frequently crave. thank you and have a good day. xx Olivia (

  15. Hi Sheila,
    The above picture are so well taken, I'm so famished now. :(
    I would like to bring my boyf along because our 8th year anniversary is coming and it seems to be an ideal place for our anniversary dinner!
    Both of us are a huge fans of jap food, especially sashimi. Hence, I would really like to win this voucher:D


  16. Hi Sheila, I would like to bring my best friend along with me to try this place as most of his time will spent in school and hardly enjoy himself as lots of school stuff to be done. Therefore, I would hope i will be able to win this and bring him out a day and keep him away from school stuff but to enjoy himself with his favourite jap food ! (:

    Victoria (

  17. Hi Sheila!
    I would like to win this voucher to have it with my boyfriend to celebrate our 4th year anniversary.
    He is a Japanese food lover too :D

    best regards,

    Wendy (

  18. Hi sheila,

    I would love to bring my parents to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. They are huge fans of jap food and hopefully I will be able to win the vouchers. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

  19. I would love to bring my daddy to the restaurant. He is quite resistant to any other cusines than Chinese food. But i find Kinsa Sushi serve good Japanese food and it also incorporates some chinese elements like - Lohei! So i want to win the vouchers to bring my daddy there to try!

    Angela Lim

  20. Hello!

    I would like to go Kinsa Sushi with my other half because we love Jap food and have been hunting down quality Jap food restaurants! Hope to get the chance to try this restaurant with the vouchers!! :) thankyou!! ^^ it would be a nice belated Valentine's day treat to ourselves too!

    :) Kelly

  21. Hi!
    I have always been following your blog and of course hollyhoque. I would like to visit the restaurant with my best friends who have been through thick and thin with me. They have been a constant source of encouragement for me during the A Levels. We studied together and supported each other during hard times. Even when I felt like giving up, their presence brought me great comfort and motivated me to push on. I hope that we could go together and enjoy an awesome meal regardless of the outcome of our A levels results (next Monday). I am grateful to them for being by my side during the tough JC times and this time I hope to give them a treat to thank them as well as to celebrate our wonderful friendship.

    Su Ting

  22. Hello Sheila ;)

    Hope to win this giveaway as I would bring my dearest boy with me ;)
    As a form of celebrating our 6th Anni and also he is a crazy fan of raw Salmon.
    Hope to win ;)


  23. Hello Sheila! I really hope to win this giveaway as I would want to give the vouchers to my parents who really enjoy Japanese cuisine! My dad loves this Japanese restaurant in Bugis so he always brings us there, but I thought there are better ones out there, so winning the vouchers would definitely work as a perfect excuse to dine at Kinsa Sushi which serves delish Jap food. :)


  24. Hi Sheila! After reading your review, I'd love to bring my parents to this fantastic restaurant! They are major fans of Japanese cuisine. As a daughter, bringing them to eat their favourite food has always been the best way for me to express my gratitude to them.

    Pei Foong (

  25. Hi Sheila!

    I would like to bring my boyfriend along. We love Japanese food a lot but we only frequent just one particular Jap restaurant. I would love to explore this new found place together with him and who knows, this may become our new favorite place for Japanese cravings! (:

    Shu Xuan

  26. Hi!
    I would like to visit this place w my friends who is currently going through exams and assignments in school. Hoping to win this so it can be a treat for them for completing their current sem.

  27. Sheila,

    I would like to bring my boyfriend to celebrate our upcoming 5 year anniversary. He is currently working and studying part time at NUS so we dont often meet one another so regularly. I hope to give him a surprise treat :) we are a huge fan of japanese food and would really appreciate the chance to be able to get the 15 dollars voucher!

  28. Hi Sheila!

    I would like to bring my boyfriend along to Kinsa sushi as we have one big common interest, which is to eat! The wagyu don just looks too irresistible with that perfect runny tamago!

    Arigato for the giveaway! (:


  29. Hi Sheila,

    My dad is rather picky with his food so he only goes for Western and Japanese Cuisines. I hope that i'll be able to win and bring the whole family along (we live quite nearby but we have yet to visit the place tgt as a family). Hope this giveaway will allow our family to have more dining options together and return back to Kinsa Sushi ;) for more family time tgt ;).

    Thank you,
    Hui Lin

  30. Hi, I'd love to bring my boyfriend along because we're both Jap-food lovers, especially sashimi! I'm sure this is one of the must-try at Kinsa Sushi! By picking me for the giveaway, you're giving my bf and I something to look forward to for our anniversary which is coming right up!

    PS: I always stalk your dayre :P cause it's interesting

  31. hihi!

    I would like to bring my boyfriend for our 5-yr anniversary coming up in Apr to have his fav salmon sashimi and japanese food! Plus we both stay nearby AMK :)

  32. Dear Sheila,
    Thankyou for this lovely giveaway!
    Would love to bring my other half for a happy Sundate! at Kinsa Sushi! He will love to try the Wagyu Don for he's a huge lover of beef and that the runny egg will be just purfect order on our dish! Not just yummy but also IG-worthy!


  33. I would bring my 5 year old son as he loves sashimi and also as a way to have some mother and son bonding time!

    Qiu Xian

  34. I've been incredibly stressed up at work since the start of the year, clocking days which end close to midnight. Japanese food is something which I can eat everyday, but yet I've been missing out on this cuisine due to my impossibly busy schedule. I really could do with a voucher right away.


  35. I would like to bring my girlfriend to try out the Wagyu don!


  36. My brothers as it's been awhile we met since our last ICT


  37. You had me sold at wagyu! Always looking for affordable wagyu!

  38. Thanks for the participation all! (: 5 winners have been picked and notified via email by the Kinsa Sushi team.


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