Thursday, April 30, 2015


I've been a very satisfied customer of Kinohimitsu for 6 months now (Thanks to hot mama, Chris for recommending) so imagine my delight when Nuffnang told me I got a campaign from them! 

Not only did I notice better hydration and brighter skin, I love the taste of all their beauty drinks I tried so far! The sweetness of the drinks come from natural ingredients with no sugar added. 

What is most important is that Kinohimitsu is SGS (Global benchmark recognition on quality and integrity) certified - No chemicals, no drugs and no hormones. Giving me a peace of mind for consumption. 

I'm pretty sure you would not have guessed that Chris is a mother of 2 because she just doesn't look like it! I was wearing make-up in this picture while she wasn't, but look at her skin! Its literally glowing, so each time she tells me a product a is good, I'm always convinced to try it :P 

Kinohimitsu carries a range of beauty drink products but the one that I've been consuming and sharing today, is the collagen series. It is shown that majority of premature aging starts at the age of 25 and this is largely due to the lack of collagen. If you have trouble with dry skin, wrinkles, saggy skin, damaged hair, that might mean that your body is lacking collagen. 

Just a brief background, collagen is a protein found in our bones, teeth and muscles that supports cellular activities. 70% of skin is made up of collagen that helps keep our skin firm & bouncy. Simply put, the more collagen we lose, the older we look! 

Kinohimitsu uses collagen from deep sea marine fishes's scales (Pure, high quality with no fishy taste) and the ingredients are carefully formulated to ensure that body absorption. 

The Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond contains a whopping 5300mg of collagen peptide (Best for ladies 30 and above) - Specifically catered to help restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance to mature skin. For ladies below 30, the Beauty Collagen Drink that contains 2500mg of collagen, also slightly cheaper, is good enough! 

Of course, it is also alright if you are aged below 30 and would still like to take the Collagen Diamond because it is 100% natural and SGS certified safe (:

It is also written on the packaging "See results in 6 days" and I can vouch that it is absolutely true (For my case) because my skin was brighter and more radiant than before after one week with Kinohimitsu! 

The Diamond Nite is the first product I tried from Kinohimitsu and I've been drinking it since I started! 1 bottle a day for 6 consecutive days, and 1 every alternate day for maintenance. I love its zesty pineapple taste!

Having long hours of sleep does not equate to a good quality sleep so sometimes, we still wake up feeling lethargic. Sufficient good quality sleep and complete relaxation allows our body to repair and rejuvenate, improving our skin renewal process as well as complexion! 

Diamond Nite is the only collagen formula that induces mind relaxation and prepares your body for a good night sleep thanks to the GABA ingredient. This drink not only supports a restful sleep, it also improves metabolism rate and recharge energy while restoring skin firmness and youthfulness, 

One thing though, the bottles are extremely tightly capped so be prepared to use force to open it - This is to ensure the freshness of the products. 

 I got these Kinohimitsu BB Drink (Cherry flavoured) when I walked passed Watsons and noticed it was on sale so I've been alternating between this and the Diamond Nite way before I was asked to review this brand. Will add the Collagen Diamond into my collagen journey soon! 

I like to have my collagen drinks chilled and drink it mostly before I go to bed because sleep time is the best time to repair the skin. Wake up the next morning with radiant and glowing skin!

Although the drinks already tastes great on its own, you can also mix it with your favourite drinks and create a collagen mock-tail uniquely yours! 

Even when I travel, I make sure to bring them along!

Now shop at Kinohimitsu and use discount code "Sheilaxkino" for 30% off your total spending! Only valid till 31st May 2015 so wait no more! I'm going to get the Men's series for J to try out too! 

My fairy god-mother and me :D 

In conjunction with Mothers' Day, Kinohimitsu is giving away 2x 1 year supply Kinohimitsu Diamond Series & Goldheart pendants (Total worth $2000)! 3 consolation winners will also get to walk away with Kinohimitsu hampers!  

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

4bydeux in Bali - Mabel's Birthday Surprise

Continuing from the photo tour of our villa in Bali here... Mabs finally came! We were all hiding behind the kitchen waiting to catch her off guard but instead of coming into the living area first, she went to explore the other rooms in the villa ._. This Mr.R (Mabel's boyfriend who was there in Bali with her a day earlier) really fail!!  Being the detective Mabs always is, she of course managed to guess what we were up to. So instead of us surprising her, she threw a panic attack right back at us lol! 

Dinner that evening was at J's favourite Balinese restaurant - Sardine, Seminyak. 
No pictures of the food because I just wanted to enjoy the meal without having to scramble for my camera each time a dish is served but do try the curry clams if you're there! So good, I can possibly finish 3 servings on my own :P 

Not forgetting the pretty view we had that was right next to the restaurant! 


PS: Splendorous Attention Top as seen on me is sold out again but we've ordered restocks so stay tuned to Hollyhoque's updates if you're interested in getting one! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Osim uMagic Massage Chair

This is me on a normal day at work. As a co-owner of online fashion retailer - Hollyhoque, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Liaising with my Chinese counterparts online, replying to emails, organizing shipment lists and the long list goes on..

Resulting in constant tension on my neck and shoulders. 

Which is why I often find myself massaging my neck and shoulders like this to relieve the soreness. If you are in the same shoes as me, good news for you today because the latest Osim's uMagic Massage Chair is here to provide a therapeutic solution! 

A couple of weeks ago, J and I were invited to try out the Osim uMagic. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything at all because to me, all massagers are the same. You know.. Rollers, vibrating effects until I went on the Osim uMagic and experienced a wholesome hand-grip massage. 

Tried the Magic Moments and Shoulders Delight massage programme and I was instantly sold! The patented Magic Hands Massage emulates the agile hand grip of a masseuse to extract deep seated aches and tension. With the Osim uMagic, we can all enjoy a professional massage at the comfort of our home. 

I attended the event after a long day at work and just a short 15 minute on the Osim uMagic offered great relief to my stiff shoulders. 

Even J who is very particular about massages gave the Osim uMagic a thumbs-up! Just look at his fascinated face! 

If the functions on Osim uMagic is not enough to wow you, take a look at the chic and streamline design with a touch of polished chrome hardware! Not to mention the super soft quilted leather that makes me heart flutter whenever I brush my fingers against it. 

I can already picture how the Dreamy Cream one will look in my Scandinavian themed living room. Osim is having an introductory price at $4988 instead of $5288, get yours soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recent Beauty Favourites

These are the new products I tried in the span of 2-3 months and I'm sharing them because I personally like them a lot! Some are given to me, while some are bought!

Crème De La Mer

My skin tends to be on the dry side so I'm always on the look out for moisturizers. This is the most expensive moisturizer I own (~S$370) but it is also by far the most perfect. I use it every morning after showering and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before I apply make-up. My skin feels instantly hydrated easing make-up application! The skin around my nose used to be flaky but ever since I started using this, I don't face this problem any more! I also read somewhere that this cream is efficient in keeping the skin hydrated for 6 hours in-flight so I decided to test it on my latest trip to Guangzhou and I was blown away! At the end of the flight, I didn't experience tightness on my skin like I used to, instead, it felt plump and supple - Never boarding a flight without this magical broth, ever.

It is a very thick cream and lightly scented. You are to take a pea sized amount and rub it between your fingers until it is almost clear to activate the ingredients then gently pat it all over your face. It takes a while to master, but once you get the hang of it, you're good for life.

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

This was included in the Nuffnang goodie box I received last month and I tried it the night I got it! Great for someone that is glued to the computer more than 9 hours on a normal work day. I found the warm steam to be super comforting though my lash extensions were a little in the way :P

Dearberry Berry Bright Moisture Toner

Received the full range of Dearberry's newly launched skin care range a couple of weeks back and I'm pretty impressed with their toner!

Unlike most toners that has texture like water, the Dearberry toner is slightly syrupy and I love how it feels on my face! Locking in moisture without any stickiness. Oh and don't get me started on its sweet berry scent. Each time I apply it, I feel like I am walking through berry dreamland.

Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream (Special for dry skin)

I'm hitting mid 20s soon and after hearing horror stories about how skin losing its elasticity after 25, I am constantly searching for a good firming cream and stumbled upon this when I was shopping at the airport while waiting for baggage clearance.

I sleep in an air-conditioned room every night so keeping my skin moisturized before I go to bed is very important. This is the last product I apply on my face every night unless I am masking. It has a smooth and creamy texture that spreads easily, also smells really good! Most importantly, I wake up with soft springy skin the next morning. Although this product works pretty well as a moisturizer, I haven't seen any firming benefits despite having used this for 2+ months.

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrae

Like the MegRhythmn Steam Eye Mask, this was also included in the Nuffnang goodie box! My first experience with Belif and it is surely a great start! With Peat extract as one of its main ingredients, this serum allows better absorption of other products you apply to your skin. I alternate between this and Biotherm's Life Plankton Essence every night.

 I am usually not a fan of herbal scents but this surprisingly smells very refreshing! The consistency of this serum is thick and very smooth and although it leaves my skin deeply hydrated, it also feels slightly sticky after application - If this bothers you, you'll have to pat it a little more and wait for awhile.

Kerastase Initialise
Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate

This concentrate is a leave-in treatment that thickens hair and makes it more resistant to breakage. Some time last year, I found my hair to be thinning and shedding more than it should, I tried multiple hair loss shampoos and treatments but none worked at well as the Kerastase Initialise - My hair still sheds when I shower now but it is a healthy amount and I definitely saw improvement.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bali - Akasha Villas

We'll be jetting off to Santorini & London come early May and I hope to finish blogging about Bali by then. I'm taking my time on the Maldives entries so I can slowly reminisce that holiday.

If you follow me on Dayre (@Sheilamansy) you may know that this Bali trip was a birthday surprise planned for Mabel! Its the first time J and I were travelling with such a big group of friends so we were extremely excited! After reading up on one thousand and one villas, we finally found Akasha Villas that met our criteria - Located within Seminyak (Our villa was only a short 7 minute drive to Seminyak Square), had 4 bedrooms + pool and super within our budget - SGD2140 for 4 days so each couple only paid SGD535! 

The large common area where we had our in-villa breakfast and drinking nights. 
Their breakfast menu is very limited, so don't expect too much.

There are 2 floors in our villa and other than the slightly bigger toilet at the master-bedroom, all the rooms are pretty much of the same size. The design is different for each room though! Like Zoe's bedroom came with an outdoor bathtub while mine looked...

Like this! 

Chill out area on the 2nd floor and this pretty much sums up our villa tour! 

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