Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gumtree SG

Hello! I'm back today to share with all of you a superb site that allows you to quickly buy and sell anything! From Gumtree Jobs to Gumtree bicycles, there is almost nothing you cannot find on Gumtree

For a limited period of time, Hollyhoque (If you don't already know, Hollyhoque is a fashion brand that is co-owned by my boyfriend and I) will be collaborating with Gumtree to bring you exclusive deals! 

A selection of accessories from Hollyhoque will be sold at a 20-40% discount!!

This clutch for example is originally retailing at $29 but on Gumtree, you can get it with just $20! Thats a whopping $9 discount.  

My personal favourite out of the lot has got to be this hat (A Jazzy Soul Hat)!
 I take it with me on almost every beach holiday. 

Originally retailing at $20 but you can get this from Gumtree at only $14!!!



To live in Sunny Singapore, we all need a few pairs of sunglasses. Here are 2 of my favourites that are on heavy rotation :P 

Karly Wooden Frame Sunnies available at only $14 on Gumtree! (Retailing price > $19.50) 

Cool As Night Aviators, $10 on Gumtree. (Retailing price > $15.50) 

ANYONE can be a seller on Gumtree and the process to put a product up for sale is so simple it'll only take less than 3 minutes. 

If you're wondering how the backend looks like, here you go! 
Very clean cut and straight-forward. 

I also love the new mobile interface that allows me to view my Gumtree store on the go and even from my bed heh! 

Let me show you how you can start selling a product effortlessly. 


When you hit on the "Post ad" button, you'll be directed to this page (Left image) where you can take a picture on the spot or add a photo from your gallery. 

After uploading your photos, you'll then be taken to another page where you fill up information about your products. 


Product category, setting prices and even setting a location to meet using the GPS! Extremely straight-forward and easy to navigate. 


If at any time you wish to edit the details of your products, you may do so simply by tapping on the "Edit" button. Selling on the Gumtree app really can't get any more convenient than this! 

Shop my store HERE! You won't be disappointed. 


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