Friday, December 18, 2015

Tomo Izakaya

J and I love exploring new places to dine at so when Tomo Izakaya extended a food tasting invitation to us at their Clark Quay outlet, we were thrilled. 

Love the chic and cozy interior that made us feel laid back and so at home! 

While I was taking pictures, J wasted no time and jumped right to the menu 

Everything looked so good on the menu we had a difficult time deciding what to order! 

The friendly service staff giving us more recommendations and taking our orders on his iPad! 
Gone are the pen and paper days.

Curiosity got the better of me as he was tapping away on his iPad so I asked if I could take a look at it. Our orders were so efficiently taken in mere seconds! Even the special request for less rice in my Ochazuke was noted in it. 

Via WiFi, our orders were instantly sent to the kitchen for preparation - This saves so much time!! 

Each service staff holds an iPad and all reservations can be taken on the iPad! Technology these days... 

I was also told that notes and messages can also be sent on broadcast to all the iPads on this system, just like whatsapp. Lets say a product is out of stock, all the kitchen has to do is send a message to inform all the service staff. This makes things so effective and efficient! 

They started serving us our food within 5 minutes and look guys! I finally found another Japanese restaurant that serves Mentaiko Ochazuke! The broth was so refreshing, it felt like I went to heaven and back. 

 Gyu Steak with great charred flavour. So yummy, J and I finished every single slice. 

Each dish gets strike off from the iPad order after it has been served, this makes sure ALL our food items are served, minimizing the risk of "missing orders". 

Spot the ultra fresh salmon sashimi, air flown all the way from Japan! 

Serious eating business

Thanks for having us, Tomo Izakaya! 


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Just in case you didn't know, I am one of those girls who benefitted from braces and it is without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

My teeth wasn't crooked to begin with but I wasn't happy with my "lop-sided" smile (Uneven gum show when I smile) and overbite. The biweekly visits to my dentist were the most dreadful because it meant tightening of wires that causes immense discomfort. I couldn't eat properly and sometimes when I open my mouth too wide, I find the wires poking at my cheeks, causing ulcers D: Not to mention the unglam metal parts protruding from my mouth each time I speak. 

A few years on, I find that this is actually not the perfect smile I'm after. Yes my teeth are straight, uneven gum show has been corrected, BUT, my teeth are a little too big for my face! My Mom did casually mention before but I didn't put it to heart until I started grooming myself for the pre-wedding shoot in Santorini earlier this year!

It isn't that obvious from afar

But up-close? Don't sugarcoat me, its really abit too big right lol. 

This brings me to the main purpose of this post - My consultation with Dr. Cheng Eng Wah from i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic. 

i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic is the appointed flagship clinic for Invisalign treatment in Singapore. They have successfully delivered orthodontic treatments to more than 10,000 patients - more than 1000 being Invisalign treatments. They are also awarded the Diamond Provider status – the highest in Singapore so far, based on the number of cases treated. They are located on the 9th floor of Capital Tower and very easy to spot! 

The clinic was adorned in multiple shades of blue and it looks very clean and comfortable. 

I was too excited on my first consultation with Dr. Cheng, I forgot to take a picture with/of him. 
So this is the closest I can share - A snippet of him from a brochure I got from i.Dental

Dr. Cheng is very amiable and has more than 25 years of experience in orthodontic treatment. He is also the first dentist in Singapore to be awarded the Diamond Provider status in the individual category, treating close to 1000 cases alone! 

For those of you who don't know what Invisalign is > 
It is a teeth straightening treatment method using virtually invisible and removable aligners custom made for your teeth. With each change of aligners every 2 weeks, your teeth will move gradually towards the projected final position at the end of the 6 - 24 months treatment period. The treatment duration is based on the complexity of each individual’s case.

Back to my consultation... After giving my teeth a thorough check, Dr. Cheng spotted out that my teeth are a little too big for me and I still do have a little bit of overbite problem.

I then proceeded to take moulds and X-rays of my teeth for the 2nd consultation with Dr. Cheng where he'll give his professional suggestions and recommendations. 

The nurses were very gentle and made sure there was little discomfort as possible 

Pictures for a better review of my teeth. 

On my 2nd consultation with Dr. Cheng, I received my X-rays and clearly, I do have a slight overbite as mentioned previously. 

In 3D form. 

Dr. Cheng was very informative throughout the consultation and suggests that I have my teeth shaved smaller and with the help of the Invisalign aligners, bring the overbite inwards using the gaps from my shaven teeth. I was also told that patients can also choose to go for extractions to bring their teeth in but for a facial profile like mine, it may appear sunken in the years to come as human lips naturally collapse with age. I really appreciate how Dr. Cheng is not only concerned with straightening my teeth but also taking into consideration my overall profile and features. These tips are definitely something that only an experienced doctor with many years of clinical experience can share as they have seen patients of all kinds of conditions!

He also recommends that I have my wisdom teeth removed soon as it is currently lying in my gum which may cause problems in future if I do not clean my teeth properly. 

Invisalign at i.Dental starts from $4,500 and the consultation that I went through costs $220 for 2 consultations with Dr. Cheng, X-rays, diagnostic models and photos. (Prices before GST). If you would like to  make an appointment, please call them at 63232813 or email to

If you are a student who is interested in Invisalign, do attend their Invisalign Open Day at Capital Tower on 16 January, 2pm! RSVP now at to find out if you qualify for their student rates .

Invisalign is actually very suitable for brides and grooms to be because it is almost invisible and we don't have to worry about meeting people during this process. I am seriously tempted to start on Invisalign!! 

*Brought to you by i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic* 
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