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History Of Whoo

Some weeks ago I was introduced to the Korean royal beauty secrets with The History Of Whoo that is now exclusively available at TANGS at Tangs Plaza. Commisioned by the National Government of Korea to create a luxury skincare brand that fully embodies the Korean traditions, LG Household & Healthcare developed & launched The History Of Whoo in 2003. 

The History Of Whoo retinterpretes the traditional beauty formulas used by empresses from the Eastern Royal Courts and through modern technologies, developed various skincare & make-up lines that are fit for the queen.

Love the opulent packaging with intricate design! 

After I was given a brief background about the brand (At the comfy consultation area as seen above)

My friendly beauty consultant ran through my skin concerns with me (Dull and uneven skin tone, whitening) and recommended a range of products that is suitable for my skin.

She was precise in all her explanations

& ran through all the steps and uses for every recommended product 

She also encouraged testing of all the products to make sure I liked them! 
Excellent service there. 

After the consultation, I was recommended the Bichup and Gongjinhyang: Seol range which targets dull and uneven skin tone. This range of products will help to improve my Qi & blood circulation, as well as brightening up my face.

Interestingly, Gongjinhyang: Seol range (Whitening & Brightening) contains Wild Chrysanthemum extract which is extremely effective (compared to regular whitening ingredients) in reducing skin dullness and spots by blocking melanin production.

This is the full range of products I took home with me and it is by far the most extensive set of skincare products I've ever owned!! To make sure I use the products correctly, my beauty consultant even labeled the sequence of each product with a little sticker! So considerate of her! 

The one core ingredient present in ALL The History Of Whoo products is the Gongjinbidan complex. It consist of 6 oriental herbs (Deer Antler, Angelica Root, Wild Thyme, Asparagus Root, Cornelian Cherries, Acanthopanax Root Bark) that improves blood flow and achieve youthfulness via yin yang balance. 

1) Bichup Soon Hwan Essence 
 This is the FIRST care essence that improves "Qi" and blood circulation which then reduces water retention and delivers clear skin with vitality. This great for mornings when I wake with a poofy face!

The product has a watery texture and has white beads in it. The white beads are actually the Gonjinbidan Culture Medium, a fermented & intensified version of the original Gongjibidan Complex which provides the best conditions and boost the effects of Gongjibidan in the other products that I will be using after.

With high moisture level, it glides smoothly on the skin leaving it very refreshed! 2-3 pumps is the recommended usage for this!

2) Whitening Skin Balancer 
This skin balancer is a milky liquid lotion that is very quickly absorbed into the skin. It also preps the skin and enhances the skin's ability to absorb nutrients from the next skincare products.

Unlike most toners, this is to be applied and patted onto the face with your hands for greater absorption into the skin.

3) Bichup Ja Saeng Essence
The Ja Saeng Essence is The History Of Whoo's best selling essence worldwide and it is a 3 step self regeneration essence. First, the plant placenta derivatives help the skin cell to identify skin concerns then the other herbal complexes activates cells for cellular repair via improvement of "Qi" and blood circulation, moisturising & soothing functions. Lastly, the plant placenta then provides energy for the skin cell to conduct repair. 

A closer look at the product's texture. 
It is slightly gooey and thick, somewhat reminds me of honey but once spread evenly on the skin, it is quickly absorbed and feels extremely luxurious! One pump is sufficient to go all over my face for this one!

4) Whitening Essence 
Whoo's exclusive essence of imperial whitening formula with precious pearl-wild ginseng evens out the skin tone, making it glow.

The Pearl & Wild Ginseng combination provides intensive moisturization and effective targets on skin dullness, improving clarity of skin, achieving dewy radiance.

5) Whitening Lotion 
This whitening lotion contains wild chrysanthemum extract (An active whitening ingredient) and has a refreshing and quick dissolving texture that helps in banishing dullness in the skin. 

6) Whitening Moisture Glow Cream 
I love products that gives my skin great moisture so I'm surely saying YES to this one! 

This cream with a moisture rich ointment texture keeps the skin deeply hydrated and clear. 

It is white at first but you have to rub the product between your palms to give it some warmth before it'll turn into liquid form and that is when you apply it evenly on your face! 

7) Whitening Essence Sunscreen (SPF46/PA++) 
This oriental medicine based sunblock has got to be my favourite sunscreen at the moment! It helps to combat blemishes, dark spots and age spots while protecting the skin against harmful UV rays. 

It has a pearly texture that illuminates the skin with a healthy glow just like a primer without any sticky feeling after application. 

This is my 3rd week using The History Of Whoo's skincare range and I would say that it has definitely lived up to its whitening claims while keeping my skin moisturised at the same time!

Thanks for pampering me and my skin! I'm definitely a new convert!

Redeem a complimentary Bichup Ja Saeng (The History of Whoo's STAR PRODUCT) experience kit simply by flashing this blog post or Instagram post at The History Of Whoo's flagship counter at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 1! (Valid only until 31st December 2015, so be quick ladies!) 

PS: Outfits from Hollyhoque (:


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