Friday, December 18, 2015

Tomo Izakaya

J and I love exploring new places to dine at so when Tomo Izakaya extended a food tasting invitation to us at their Clark Quay outlet, we were thrilled. 

Love the chic and cozy interior that made us feel laid back and so at home! 

While I was taking pictures, J wasted no time and jumped right to the menu 

Everything looked so good on the menu we had a difficult time deciding what to order! 

The friendly service staff giving us more recommendations and taking our orders on his iPad! 
Gone are the pen and paper days.

Curiosity got the better of me as he was tapping away on his iPad so I asked if I could take a look at it. Our orders were so efficiently taken in mere seconds! Even the special request for less rice in my Ochazuke was noted in it. 

Via WiFi, our orders were instantly sent to the kitchen for preparation - This saves so much time!! 

Each service staff holds an iPad and all reservations can be taken on the iPad! Technology these days... 

I was also told that notes and messages can also be sent on broadcast to all the iPads on this system, just like whatsapp. Lets say a product is out of stock, all the kitchen has to do is send a message to inform all the service staff. This makes things so effective and efficient! 

They started serving us our food within 5 minutes and look guys! I finally found another Japanese restaurant that serves Mentaiko Ochazuke! The broth was so refreshing, it felt like I went to heaven and back. 

 Gyu Steak with great charred flavour. So yummy, J and I finished every single slice. 

Each dish gets strike off from the iPad order after it has been served, this makes sure ALL our food items are served, minimizing the risk of "missing orders". 

Spot the ultra fresh salmon sashimi, air flown all the way from Japan! 

Serious eating business

Thanks for having us, Tomo Izakaya! 


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