Monday, December 19, 2016

Hydrafacial (2) + Laser

Hi ladies, its another beauty post today! 

Not sure if you have read about my first Hydrafacial treatment with @wellnesssuite but I've been a fan ever since! Feel free to read about it here if you haven't (: 

I've done the Hydrafacial for quite a number of times now and I love how it deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin improving congested pores. 
This treatment also brightens my skin, clearing up uneven skin tone at the same time! 

There are basically 4 steps to the Hydrafacial: 
1) Cleansing & Exfoliating
2) Acid Peel
3) Extraction 
4) Hydration

This is my beauty therapist working the vortex-fusion tool that infuses an antioxidant and collagen rich serum (4th step) into the skin to promote elasticity and hydration - This is my favourite step because it is cooling and feels so good as my therapist gently massages the serum on my skin.

My skin got a little more sensitive recently so there was a little bit of redness from the exfoliation and extraction but it cleared up after the treatment was completed. 

In fact, the redness started disappearing when the collagen mask was applied. 

About 3 months back I had a terrible break out on my face, leaving behind blemishes and bumps. 

Dr Yong suggested that I go for laser treatment to lighten those blemishes and this is where he usually does the treatment.

Laser treatment uses short pulses of light to reach deeply into the skin's top layer. 
There was pain and discomfort at the more sensitive areas like upper lips and nose but other than that, this treatment is rather bearable. 

After 2 treatments, the scar has greatly lightened and is smaller than before!  

So pleased with the results, you girlies have to try to believe it :D 

Quote my name for the All Skin Laser + IPL combo at SGD70 (UP SGD600) 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Hello, I'm back with another beauty post and today I want to share with you an amazing cream I recently tried that's ideal for use on the skin's driest areas.

Cetaphil's Intensive Moisturising Cream - It affordable, works effectively for me and best of all it is dermatologically tested. 

Cetaphil has been in the industry for 40 years and their products are developed and tested under rigorous clinical conditions. The Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream follows this strong dermatological heritage and has been specially formulated to treat dry, chapped skin on hands, elbows and feet.

The paraben and fragrance free formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The cream complements the treatment for special skin needs, including psoriasis and eczema. 

 For those who have been following my beauty posts, you'll know that I'm a great fan of moisturizers and after trying this cream for a couple of weeks now, I'm blown away!

The key ingredients for the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream are meadowfoam seed oil, pro vitamin B5 and vitamin B3. This makes the cream non-greasy, has a very rich texture and is very quickly absorbed in to the skin keeping the skin moisturizer for the longest time.

I also really like the fact that it comes in a compact and handy size so I can carry it around in my makeup pouch

& use it as a hand cream whenever I need to.

My hands are constantly exposed to the air-conditioner everyday (When I'm at the office, at the Hollyhoque store...) so I always carry some hand cream with me to protect my hands and to also delay the physical signs of aging, which I'm already experiencing D:

This one from Cetaphil is my new love because it thoroughly moisturizes, even my palms, without leaving behind that lingering sense of greasiness and also, it is 100% scent-free! 

Apart from using it as a hand cream, I've also tried it on the dry and flaking skin around my elbows  

& the chapped skin on my heels.

After diligently applying it day and night for a week, I'm amazed it actually worked to alleviate chapping and keep my skin moisturized!

One thing though, I wish they have a bigger version of this lotion that I can leave for home use. 

If you want to try an intensive cream that is mild on your skin yet still effectively hydrates without leaving any greasiness, this is the product you should be looking for!

Head over to Cetaphil's FB page here for a chance to win a skincare hamper :D

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Galderma Singapore. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Capitol Piazza

Some weeks ago, I took half day off work and went on a beauty outing at Capitol Piazza.
It was so fun I can't wait to plan another before the year ends!
Capitol Piazza is your one stop beauty mall where you can get a complete makeover
to kick start the new year.

Christmas is just around the corner so ladies,
its time to let down your hair and pamper yourselves for working so hard this 2016!

This is the first time I'm exploring the beauty stores at Capitol Piazza.
I've been there a couple of times for meals though.
(There is an IIaoIIao outlet at the basement :P)

Some of the beauty stores include HighBrow, The Body Shop etc.
I really love the posh layout of the mall!

This is where I kick started my beauty tour!
PINK Parlour has been around since 2005 so most of you would have probably heard about them before. They specialize in waxing, mani & pedi, sunless spray tan and Alpha Light (Painless long term hair removal)

I booked myself a brow waxing and Brazilian ALPHA Light(Painless long term hair removal) session that afternoon.

Gotta love the plush pink seats

Different rooms for the various treatments they carry.

My beauty therapist got me started on the ALPHA Light treatment first with application of gel and it was the first permanent hair removal treatment I did with continuous sweeping motion of the wand. I was told that the continuous sweeping motion is more thorough as compared to pulses. The process was comfortable and the pain was very minimal. 

The ALPHA Light technology delivers light technology deeper and directly to the melanin in the skin and permanently damage hair follicles. The ALPHA Light technology has a longer lasting result and is suitable for deeper rooted hair. 

I proceeded with brow waxing after and it was done under 5 minutes!
So swift and effective, perfect for ladies who are always on the go.

My beauty therapist applied the warm wax on the unwanted hair and she stripped it as it hardened.
I like how it thoroughly removes all the unwanted hair and keeping my brows' natural shape.
It actually feels a little like threading but a lot less painful.

Can't miss a photo op with the pretty gold suede sofa before I left!

I was also given this Soothe Calm Protect Lotion before I left.

This lotion contains tea tree oil which acts as an antimicrobial to help fight against ingrown hair and protects the skin to inhibit the formation of pustules. For those who experiences redness on their skin post waxing / IPL, this lotion helps to soothe and reduce the redness. Love the cooling sensation upon application!

I've always been a fan of Lancôme (I've been using their Genefique serum for a few years now!) so I was excited to see their first boutique at Capitol Piazza.

La Maison Lancôme #01-02
1030AM - 10PM

After browsing through, I decided to try out the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation because I was very attracted to its luxe packaging.

The very friendly store assistant helped me with picking the right shade and tested it on me. She also gave me a few options if I wanted to look fairer/tanner. Superb service there!

This cushion gives a great medium coverage that can be built up and it is great how it leaves my skin hydrated with a slight glow. We all know how humid the Singapore weather is, but this cushion actually keeps my skin fresh the whole day, without looking oily.

The patented Polar Cushion Technology is unlike a sponge cushion. The fibre network is specially crafted lock in high coverage textures and the touch-activated filter dispenses the perfect amount of formula with every application.

If you're looking for a new cushion to try out, feel free to pop by the Lancôme boutique at Capitol Piazza to test it! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Fitness has become an integral part of my life. 
I work out at least 2 to 4 times a week now, at the gym / yoga school or at home when I have no time.  
Whenever I'm stressed out with work / life, 
the fastest way for me to chill out is to go for a serious sweat fest.  
It not only keeps my mind healthy, it keeps my body in shape. 
Regular exercise in the mornings also makes me feel motivated and energized for the day. 
It is a great pick-me-up!

I've been practicing yoga for about 1.5 years now and each pose requires a lot of time & patience. 
Some people may get into certain poses with minimal effort while some takes years of practice. 
Our bodies are unique and work differently so allow yourself  to overcome your shortcomings.

That said, lets celebrate individualism and embrace the little imperfections that render an individual distinctive from the crowd. 

Imperfect or I'm Perfect? It''s just the way you see it. 

Esprit adapts this form of individualistic expression through dance. 

It is a feeling we all know; that tingling sensation when your favourite song comes on and makes you want to groove to it, whether or not you dance with professional perfection or amateurish imperfectly (: 

Oh by the way, my bra top & printed tights are both courtesy of Esprit! 

They are 101% comfortable and I especially love the tights that are super soft and just look at that adorable print! Colours are so on point. 

Last weekend, Melina and I were invited to join the #DanceWithEsprit party at their Vivocity outlet where they offer the full collection for Women, Men, Kids, Accessories, Bodywear, Bags and Footwear. I layered over a sheer long sleeves tee I picked out from Esprit previously over my bra top and tights that day! 

The party started with a performance by this bunch of amazing dancers all decked in Esprit's Fall / Winter 2016 Sportswear Collection. 

Spot the long and short or thick and sheer items on them that'll prepare you through changing season with staples like sports leggings, breathable baggy pants, stylish track pants and more. 

Their new seamless sports bra (Purple as featured above) is conceived for high intensity training while still flattering the body. 

There was a dance game where Melina and I participated in after seeing a few other people play.

Us deciding which song to dance to. There were so many options, we were spoilt for choice!

We had to follow the moves on the big screen for a minimum of 60 seconds and although it was a little difficult to catch up with the moves, it was pretty fun while it lasted haha! I was also entitled to a lucky draw after & I won myself a towel set, yay!

Then we had a mini Q&A 

& I was asked to test the stretchability of my tights. 
How do you think it fared? 
There was no discomfort getting into this pose at all! 

The Esprit Fall / Winter 2016 Sportswear Collection exudes femininity without compromising style for functionality. Combining patterns and prints to the monochrome palette, this Sportswear Collection celebrates the Autumn Season! 

Be sure to check out this new range at Vivocity or Parkway Parade, whichever closer to you! :D 

Monday, November 7, 2016

iDental Journey (Part 1)

It has been ~ 3 months since I started my Invisalign journey at iDental with Dr.Cheng
and it has been a pleasant journey so far! 

I did an update on Dayre about 2 months back when I was on my 2nd set of aligners and you can read about it HERE (: 

My teeth is relatively straight from the braces treatment I did some years back but what I'm still unhappy about is the size of my teeth that is a little too big for the size of my face. 

Not sure if you can tell from here, but there is also a slight overbite that I would like to fix through Invisalign. You can find a better picture of it in 3D form HERE

I'm now on my 6th set of aligners before I'm due for another appointment with Dr.Cheng and I'm supposed to wear each set for 2 weeks, everyday, for at least 22 hours. 

I take them off when I have my meals but other than that, I've been pretty diligent :D 

This is how the clear aligners look!
The part where I circled in Red is where the attachments on my teeth are - It helps to shift the teeth faster. 

I got my teeth shaved when I collected my 3rd set of aligners and this was how I looked. 
Gap looks pretty huge here but it isn't obvious at all with the aligners on. 


Even more so from afar. You can't see the aligners at all. 

Current situation of my teeth now, without wearing the aligners. 
Gaps between my teeth is significantly smaller and I can't wait to see Dr.Cheng again next week! 

To set an appointment for Invisalign consultation, 
you can email or call 63232813.
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