Monday, April 25, 2016

Bangkok Day 1 - Dayre 111

11.56AM/ Going somewhere today! Just a short 2 hour flight away but enough to make me excited 🤗 
3.30PM/ Hello from Bangkok! We are going to the city now. J was exceptionally chatty on our flight here and when I tried to ignore him, he went on repeat "爱你哦, 爱你哦" in a high pitch voice until the uncle sitting next to him stretched over to see what was going on 😱 Embarrass die me. I would prefer he doesn't show me affection publicly lol. 
4.43PM/ Now at The Continent Hotel, just a stone's throw away from Asok BTS, Terminal 21. Not too shabby for $105/night. Wifi signal is pretty strong too!  

From what I see on Agoda, their rooms have different colour themes and we are so lucky to get Blue 😍 

Toilet 💙
#HHootd all day everyday 
Carpet done right 👌🏻
The Bangkok jam is real 
9.43PM/ Taking a short break from shopping and waiting for my friend to come by. She'll be styling our lookbook shoot on Friday!

More on that later, here's a better picture of my OOTD > Basic tank & ripped jeans are all upcoming on #Hollyhoque 😉 

Wore my quirky pins out for the first time & I love how it adds so much fun to my outfit! 
A little twist at the back 
Deets. That's my leather bomber jacket peeping from the corner haha 
Chu Chocolate
Located just opposite of our hotel, on the 2nd floor of Exchange Tower. 
I love lots of wood when it comes to interior decor. Makes spaces feel warm & cozy. 
We were just looking for something nearby to fill our tummies so we didn't hold any expectations but boy were we surprised! 
These pancakes were really good! 

Crispy & fluffy well done. Even the last pancake of the stack remained crispy until we ate it 👍🏻

The carbonara was not too bad either considering we emptied the plate. The fat juicy bacon bits were my favourite part of this dish.

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