Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dayre 177

On the table tonight!
Overdid it with 四菜一汤 because we miss cooking together!

Have been swarmed with work the past week preparing for the warehouse sale going on at the HH store this weekend. The sale is still on so do pop by tomorrow if you haven't! 😉

Stir-fried sambal lady's finger 
Used my favourite chili from City Plaza's 板面 stall to make this & threw in some minced chicken for J since he doesn't take lady's finger - Too slimy he says.

Watercress soup 
Added carrots in it to sweeten the soup & also because J doesn't eat watercress. This guy is quite a fussy pot.

三杯鸡 (In the middle) 
We were inspired to make this dish after seeing it on a Chinese cooking program - 透鲜滴新期天 & it was super good! Will use lesser soya sauce the next time we make this again though!

Ginger clams 
Also got to learn this from the same cooking program (8th episode) except we replaced crabs with clams instead & skipped soaking it in oil. I loved this dish the most!


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