Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden - Dayre 158

4.21PM/ On the roads heading back to Singapore from KL. Second road trip to Malaysia. Malacca was the first! I've been missing from this space for more than a week now, where should I start... I was down with a nasty fever after we got back from HKG/GZ and when I finally got better, we were making our way to KL.
As recommended by some of you (Thanks!) we popped by Little Bao for brunch on our last day in HKG.
Fatty pork belly bun that was super yummy!
Incredibly FAT & JUICY clams for sharing. Found the wine taste a little too strong for my liking though!
Our first ever "Ding Ding" experience even though we've been to HKG so many times. 

Travelled from Central > Causeway Bay

Out & about in #Hollyhoque Cora Raised Collar Dress - Olive. 

We were walking around when a lady came up to me, complimented my dress & asked where I got it from. I felt a little awkward because I didn't know how to reply her but I was secretly quite happy la haha.

Went to Causeway Bay because we wanted to try everyone's favourite Ichiran Ramen! 

It was quite a novelty eating in a booth like that.

I actually think Ippudo is better but this was not too bad either though I felt super thirsty after. Too much MSG/salt? Doubt I'll queue for it again.
Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
9.20PM/ Made it back for dinner with the girl pals!
It's a feast!
I wasn't expecting much about the food after my meh experience at the Hello Kitty Restaurant in Taipei but I was surprised! Not saying this because we were there for a media tasting but the food was actually pretty decent for a themed restaurant.

Cucumber + lemonade and soda. Super refreshing! I love it.

Nacho chips 🐱
Shrimp Quesadilla
This is my favourite dish out of all that we tried today! Tastes as good as it looks.

Ultra cute desserts that got us all excited 😍

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