Friday, July 8, 2016

Dayre 189

11.20AM/ My little sister has been spamming the family chat with pictures of her exchange life in Korea & it's making me so excited for my trip later part of July! I've already made a mental list of all the K-beauty products I want to get, kuazhang much? 😂 

Liz & I made a pact to travel together at least once a year and this year we decided to go back to Seoul! She's the older sister I never had & is always taking care of me 💕

Last night with my girl pals counting down to Rayson's birthday! 

We had dinner at HDL together before karaoke & I tried their mushroom soup for the first time. Surprisingly prefer it to the chicken soup! Looks like it'll be Mushroom/Mala for soup base on my next visit 😋

Yesterday's casuals 

Navy tank is upcoming soon on #Hollyhoque & I finally took my 20baht choker out! 

Speaking of which, I'll be heading to Bangkok next week again for work & PLAY! Setting aside 1 day for photoshoot, half a day to see my Thai manufacturer & 3 days for play. Great planning there haha

Pretty braids for straps!

& what I like most about this top is the little surprise at the back!

For dinner tonight. 

1) Lotus root soup 

2) Stir-fry long beans with Sambal 
3) Mixed vegetables made from whatever that's leftover in our fridge 
4) Steamed egg 

It's obvious who made the rice today 😂 J is very stingy with the brown rice because he doesn't like it.

Steamed egg with chicken stock. 

Still can't achieve the soft pudding texture though. Anyone has tips??

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  1. hi girl, try to add more chicken stock to the steam egg. use a aluminium foil to cover the egg while steaming it then the egg top will come out very smooth


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