Friday, July 15, 2016


Me on a typical work day. 

Part of the day's orders waiting to be delivered to their new owners. 

Prompt and reliable delivery is extremely important when it comes to online shopping. 

We recently discovered Roadbull and are very pleased with their delivery standards, let me tell you why! 

Through bulk order optimization, we can upload all the orders scheduled for delivery at one go. This minimizes effort and increases efficiency in our work flow! 

The flexibility to schedule collection & delivery also makes things a lot easier for us and for Hollyhoque's customers. 

Deliveries can be arranged up to 4 days ahead and they operate from 9AM - 10PM, Mondays to Saturdays.  

Roadbull do not outsource their dispatchers and place strong emphasis on punctuality so you can be assured that your packages are in safe hands. 

With a tracking number, we can then receive notifications at every step of the delivery that can be accessed on our desktop or mobile (Via the Roadbull mobile app) 

What I personally love about Roadbull is their guaranteed next day delivery even for standard orders.  

Thanks to the GSS Online Promotion, these packages will be delivered to our customers the next day at only SGD3! (With minimum topup of SGD300 into the Roadbull prepaid account) 

In the case of a failed delivery, the team from Roadbull will arrange for another delivery with the recipient on our behalf! That's another task off our work load. 

Besides standard next day deliveries, Roadbull also provides bullet deliveries where collection & delivery can all be done within 3 hours - This is perfect for urgent orders! 

Thumbs up, Roadbull! 
We are happy customers. 

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