Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Fitness has become an integral part of my life. 
I work out at least 2 to 4 times a week now, at the gym / yoga school or at home when I have no time.  
Whenever I'm stressed out with work / life, 
the fastest way for me to chill out is to go for a serious sweat fest.  
It not only keeps my mind healthy, it keeps my body in shape. 
Regular exercise in the mornings also makes me feel motivated and energized for the day. 
It is a great pick-me-up!

I've been practicing yoga for about 1.5 years now and each pose requires a lot of time & patience. 
Some people may get into certain poses with minimal effort while some takes years of practice. 
Our bodies are unique and work differently so allow yourself  to overcome your shortcomings.

That said, lets celebrate individualism and embrace the little imperfections that render an individual distinctive from the crowd. 

Imperfect or I'm Perfect? It''s just the way you see it. 

Esprit adapts this form of individualistic expression through dance. 

It is a feeling we all know; that tingling sensation when your favourite song comes on and makes you want to groove to it, whether or not you dance with professional perfection or amateurish imperfectly (: 

Oh by the way, my bra top & printed tights are both courtesy of Esprit! 

They are 101% comfortable and I especially love the tights that are super soft and just look at that adorable print! Colours are so on point. 

Last weekend, Melina and I were invited to join the #DanceWithEsprit party at their Vivocity outlet where they offer the full collection for Women, Men, Kids, Accessories, Bodywear, Bags and Footwear. I layered over a sheer long sleeves tee I picked out from Esprit previously over my bra top and tights that day! 

The party started with a performance by this bunch of amazing dancers all decked in Esprit's Fall / Winter 2016 Sportswear Collection. 

Spot the long and short or thick and sheer items on them that'll prepare you through changing season with staples like sports leggings, breathable baggy pants, stylish track pants and more. 

Their new seamless sports bra (Purple as featured above) is conceived for high intensity training while still flattering the body. 

There was a dance game where Melina and I participated in after seeing a few other people play.

Us deciding which song to dance to. There were so many options, we were spoilt for choice!

We had to follow the moves on the big screen for a minimum of 60 seconds and although it was a little difficult to catch up with the moves, it was pretty fun while it lasted haha! I was also entitled to a lucky draw after & I won myself a towel set, yay!

Then we had a mini Q&A 

& I was asked to test the stretchability of my tights. 
How do you think it fared? 
There was no discomfort getting into this pose at all! 

The Esprit Fall / Winter 2016 Sportswear Collection exudes femininity without compromising style for functionality. Combining patterns and prints to the monochrome palette, this Sportswear Collection celebrates the Autumn Season! 

Be sure to check out this new range at Vivocity or Parkway Parade, whichever closer to you! :D 

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