Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Naka Kirei

I don't know if you face the same problem but I'm always constipated whenever I travel. 
It may be because of the unfamiliar bathroom facilities or the change in diet but it annoys me to no end (Because I get chin pimples whenever this happens) until I was introduced to Naka Kirei Enzymes

I brought it along with me on my recent road trip holiday to Perth and I'm really pleased at how it relieves my constipation woes with just 2 tablets a day (You can take up to 3 tablets a day) 

These supplements can be taken at any time but when taken before a meal, the enzyme supplement can aid in digestion and if you take it before working out, it can boost calorie burning efficiency. For constipation concerns, I think it is best to take just before bedtime. 

In my case, I take 1 before my heaviest meal & 1 before I go to bed.

Besides regulating bowel movements, I think it also helps in weight loss / maintaining my weight because despite my bigger appetite, my weight is still the same as before.

Naka Kirei Enzymes are from Japan and they are made of all natural ingredients which gives me a peace of mind while taking it. The digestive enzymes is fermented with soybeans, grain and lactic acid bacteria with no preservatives used. 

Look how it fits perfect in my bag filled with snacks and candies! (Necessities for a road trip) 

If you are suffering from frequent constipation or looking for a weight loss alternative, you may want to give the Naka Kirei Enzyme supplements a try! They just recently started selling in Singapore, hoorah! I find it so effective I've already ordered more for myself here, not sponsored! 

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