Thursday, June 22, 2017

Girl Squad Dinner at VLV

A couple of days before the wedding, I gathered my girl squad for an intimate dinner at VLV. 
I have a penchant for heritage decor so I fell in love with this place the first time I was here (Earlier this year) for drinks! It occupies 2 levels and an outdoor area with their Chinese restaurant on the upper level and club lounge on the ground floor. 

This is the first time the girls are meeting each other altogether and I'm glad I decided to do this dinner because all of them hit it off so well! 

These girls obviously make me very happy 

Food is served! 

BUT the cameras eat first lol this picture really tickles me 

I think I revealed a little secret about Chris

& comforting her after that hahaha
You know I love you :P 

So happy ah Zoe! 

Chris also! 

Good food, but even better company 
If you ever have a chance to visit VLV, please order the Crispy Carrot Cake!
 It was so good, we ordered a 2nd serving. 

Checking out my love notes to them <3 

Nom nom, yak yak 

Cheers to friendship! 

Hi Anna!

Big hugs for me 


Lastly, thank you Typo Craft for the customized mugs, Boyfriend Cosmetics for the lipsticks, Honey Fleur Cake for the yummiest chocolate cupcakes, Miraculove for the bridesmaid cards & #KEDSSG for the shimmer sneakers, my girls love them all! 

Dress on me is from Hollyhoque 
& still available in limited quantity HERE!

Photos captured by my cousin, Frenchttoast.
Contactable at
Quote "Sheila" for a discounted hourly rate of $120 (Usual $150) 

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