Saturday, December 29, 2018

Beautify with the Panasonic EH - NA98

A total care hair dryer that can also be used on the scalp and skin?! Of course it gets a YES from me! 

The nanoe Technology, pioneered by Panasonic is the key feature of 
this hair dryer I'm going to be sharing today EH - NA98.

Regular hair dryers typically cause dryness in hair because it evaporates the moisture in our hair. 
To counter this, some modern hair dryers uses negative ions to adhere to the hair surface, keeping hair smooth. 

Panasonic on the other hand, uses unique ultra fine nanoe ions that contain 
approximately 1000 times the moisture of negative ions to help moisture 
penetrate into the hair making it even smoother and shinier. 

When I'm not in a rush, I like using the heat - cool function as it automatically alternate at intervals
making the whole hair drying process a lot more relaxing. 

Besides the ability to lock moisture into our hair, 
the nanoe technology also helps to moisturise the scalp!  

I can now bid goodbye to mornings when I accidentally "burn" my scalp 
while drying my hair because I'm still not fully awake. 
The Scalp Care Mode offers drying at a temperature that is gentle on the scalp
and I'll usually switch to that mode when I'm drying my hair closer to the scalp. 

The nanoe technology also helps to suppress static electricity in hair, 
neutralising the positive charge to prevent hair from sticking up or standing on end.
In addition to that, EH - NA98 also contains double mineral ions that help to tighten hair cuticles, making hair resistant to daily styling and harmful UV rays. 

This is why I love using the EH - NA98 for straight blowouts! 

Now what impresses me the most is the Skin Care Mode. Yes, you heard me right! 
The Panasonic EH - NA98 also works for the face! 

The nice warm wind helps to moisturise the skin with its nanoeTechnology. 
It works as a great perk-me-up in the mornings! 

It is also pretty light in weight which not only makes it great for travels 
but also less straining on the arms while I dry my hair!

Overall, the Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer offers total care solution
that’s fast and easy for my hair, skin, and scalp.
Now I look forward to beautifying myself everyday! :)

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