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ZhenYun Internatiaonal Freight Forrwarding Co.,Ltd

Service hotline 0755-29987426
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operating duty:

1. Develop new customers, fully understand customers' needs in cross-border e-commerce logistics, introduce the company's concept, products and services, negotiate and sign orders. Follow up and work closely with all departments to successfully provide solutions for customers.

2. Maintain customer information, visit old customers regularly, collect customer demand and market information, and establish a good communication mechanism with customers.

3. Complete the daily work of the post.

Job requirements:

1. Senior high school degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in sales industry, excellent fresh students are also acceptable;

2. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and communication skills, and affinity;

3. Have a certain market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness;

Be able to work under pressure;

5. Team spirit and good at challenge.

Company benefits:

Wrap it up! B & B dormitory, two bedrooms and one living room, independent bathroom, kitchen, balcony and 24-hour hot water supply.

Eat it! Lunch! Package dinner!

Pay social security! Pay social security for employees!

Ms. Xi

Contact number: 17727432686

mailbox 1075524115@qq.com

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  • Hotline: 0755-29987426
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